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Site Rules

The Big list of BladeForums.com Rules

  2. Make your posts count
  3. Don't register gimmick or troll accounts
  4. Restrict flamewars & bad behavior to W&C and other "approved" areas
  5. Site feedback belongs in the Tech Support forum
  6. Customer feedback on deals between members or vendors belongs in the FEEDBACK forum
  7. Keep it legal
  8. No Deal Spotting
  9. Keep political issues confined to the Political Arena


  2. BladeForums Moderators are an all volunteer staff. They take time out of their busy days to help improve the online knife community as a whole - as such, do not harass, badger, belittle or otherwise disrespect them. It is an often-thankless job and making it difficult for them is a bannable offense. We have a zero tolerance policy for Moderator sass.

    If you have an issue with a moderator, please take it up with the site owner.

  3. Make your posts count
  4. Try to keep the "signal to noise" ratio as high as possible. Posting "LOL" or "OMG" or whatever adds nothing to the discussion. Shitposting isn't a bannable offense, but we take a dim view of it.

  5. Don't register gimmick or troll accounts

    If your purpose is to troll the forums or otherwise post as a gimmick, we'll ban both the offending profile & your main one.

  6. Restrict flamewars & bad behavior to W&C and other "approved" areas

    Those forums are the only "anything goes" areas of this site, so don't let the behavior leak out. Conversely, if you don't want to be offended or insulted, stay out of there.

  7. Site feedback belongs in the Tech Support forum

    If you have an issue with site policies, questions about software, or a general problem or question, go to the Tech Support forum. If you voice criticism elsewhere, chances are it will not be seen by site staff.

  8. Customer feedback on deals between members or vendors belongs in the FEEDBACK forum

    The place to talk about good or bad customer experiences with individual sellers or dealers is in the GBU forum, not elsewhere on the site. This allows people to easily find information on a preferred vendor.

  9. Seriously. While our philosphy is "live and let live" & "what happens between two consenting adults is none of our business" we do not condone or support violating federal, state or local laws. No posting of warez, kiddie porn or other illegal activies. No discussion on how to circumvent import restrictions such as getting switchblades & balisongs to Canada, or buying ballistic knives in the United States.

  10. No Deal Spotting

    BladeForums.com stays open due to paid subscriptions from various member groups, including Dealers who help sponsor this site. A dealer who does not have a paid subscription is not allowed to advertise in any way, shape, or form. In the past, dealers have used 'shill' accounts to promote themselves & their products; as a result we've limited all dealer advertising to The Exchange or registered Dealers with active paid subscriptions.

  11. Keep Political Issues Confined to the Political Arean

    Politics are a charged topic of conversation. As a result, we require that they be kept to the designated areas. Occasionally these rules may be relaxed with regards to knife related topics. The Moderators & site staff will make that determination & have sole authority to do so.