Reference Books: Traditional Knives

A list of reference books for users, collectors, and accumulators of traditional knives.

  1. MerryMadMonk
    Reference Books: Traditional Knives

    BladeForums is the place to come to learn about, discuss and enjoy knives. The accumulated knowledge of forum members is a treasure!

    Those things called books are helpful, too. Here's a list of...
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Recent Reviews

  1. SFO
    Highly recommended reading. I find I refer back to a few of these books often. Sincerely grateful to have these wonderful resources.
  2. Will Power
    Will Power
    Extremely useful for anybody who is really committed to Traditional knives, many thanks!
  3. Cambertree
    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Very useful resource for novice, and seasoned collector alike.
  4. Gaspar
    I like it!