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2017 BCCI Club Knife

Discussion in 'Buck Knives' started by Badhammer, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Badhammer


    Jun 8, 2009
    Just got the June 2017 newsletter. Well done to all! Was checking out the new club knife or knives in this instance and while I like them both they are a bit odd. Both are fixed blade 110's. No, not the 101 that C&C offers but rather a 110 that simply won't fold. Not sure how they will keep it from folding?

    Anyway there are two models. One with nickel frame and bolsters, black leather flap over sheath, smooth random pattern carbon fiber scales and satin finish S35VN blade.

    The other is also nickel with the same sheath. Scales are elk and the blade is mirror polish 420HC with gold plated, acid etched BCCI logo.

    The first has no limit. The second is limited to one per member.

    Like I said, kind of odd choice in a way but they look great so I guess I'm in for both. Perhaps another member can scan and post the pade out of the newsletter?
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
  2. sportingspecialist


    Dec 11, 2014
    Those knives make no sense to me.
  3. MT_Pokt

    MT_Pokt Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 21, 2014
    My guess is that it's a fixed blade in a folder handle. That would be the easiest way, IMHO.

  4. gedlicks

    gedlicks Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 15, 2012
    MT_Pokt beat me to it but here it is a little more to scale for you all.

  5. David Martin

    David Martin Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 7, 2008
    Perhaps my newsletter will arrive soon. I look forward to the articles. DM
  6. BuckShack

    BuckShack Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 19, 2015
    I'm a fan of the fixed blade 110, but I don't understand the rear bolster with the cutout for a non-functional lock. Is it so you can play tricks on unsuspecting folder fans? I think I would grind that little bit of metal out of there and call it a finger groove.
  7. AF

    AF Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 14, 2000
    Yeah we need some clarity on what these knives are. Are they folders that don't fold or are they fixed blades that look like folders. Both, I guess...I'd like to have more info and pics.
  8. jbmonkey

    jbmonkey Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jun 9, 2011
    yep just saw that today. got my newsletter today. these arent knives i want, but nice looking knives.
  9. kossetx


    Apr 11, 2017
    I just double checked the calendar but no, it's not April 1st. Dang.

    I see no reason to have a fake folder.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
  10. Badhammer


    Jun 8, 2009
    Just a guess on my part but there seems to have been some enthusiasm for the 101 so perhaps these are an attempt at something similar without being a direct copy?
  11. ohen cepel

    ohen cepel Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 19, 2002
    I love the 110 but am perplexed by this.

    Would like to see more Vantage options down the line if anyone here is getting a vote.
    jbmonkey likes this.
  12. David Martin

    David Martin Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 7, 2008
    I got my newsletter today and read through it. I always like Lori's Corner. Bert's article was well written. Even though this slip is not my forte'.
    Some good folks displaying. In Bill Perez article Buck's 110/112. I thought Leroy was on to something with the 2 blade 110. I don't care for the second blade being a 112. But have always liked the 428 Selector. Lots of different blade shapes to choose from with that model. I'll not pull out
    my wallet on the Club knife offering. Handsome though. I think I'll wait on the SK 110 in S90V offering instead. Good to see Joe H. is happy building knives. DM
  13. pjsjr

    pjsjr Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 2, 2005
    I thought JAG was building those titanium 110s for a BCCI offering? I'll be waiting for one of those. Preston
  14. VorpalRain


    Dec 8, 2016
    A new level of crazy.
  15. 300Bucks

    300Bucks Moderator Moderator

    Apr 19, 2005
    The angle here is that BCCI gets Buck to build a couple hundred semi-custom or call it production custom knives. The club talks to Buck, talk among board of directors with idea of what is the most wanted (sell by club to make money) and be cost friendly as possible, in a custom knife way. Buck charges the club for the knives. Buck could build the club a super steel, super scale, etc. knife but because it would be so expensive no one would buy it. Unsold club knives are money "owed" to the coffers of the club.
    My big talk on offering a nice 301 turned out this way (call me wrong way Corrigan), a few people liked it but generally they were hard to sell and we ended up letting resellers buy multiples. I will assure those who bought one that you likely will never see another sold by the club so use the unmarked ones and save the etched blade ones. Its just a guess on what folks want vs. what Buck will build for us. Generally nice 110s or 119s sell, but with the other folks mentioned above selling fancy models the club knife is getting to be a tough guess on what folks will buy. Some people buy club knives to help the club and some want to just have a special knife. I will openly admit that I have only bought two club knives, the 300 and one other as a gift. I just am not a big knife guy other than the three I have to dress game with. And if you never shoot a big critter, 420hc is plenty good enough. Anyhow that's the way you ended up with fixed blade 110's. Someone has to say in the end "Show me the money". 300
  16. gedlicks

    gedlicks Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 15, 2012
    I will be ordering one of each. I think they are quite interesting.

    I generally pick up at least one of each of he club knives both to help out the club as well as they make a great collectable.

    300Bucks - I personally think the BCCI 301 was a fantastic offering and wish they would have done the same pattern in the other 300 series knives. But again they do have to sell and make sense to the club.
  17. JAGcustomknives

    JAGcustomknives Making Knives Again Moderator Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Aug 31, 2010
    I don't think my knives will make the newsletter, but I will inform everyone here as well as in the facebook group!
  18. pjsjr

    pjsjr Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 2, 2005
    :thumbsup:Thank you. Preston
  19. David Martin

    David Martin Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 7, 2008
    Craig, I understand the process our Club comes up with a knife offering but not the method. As I've never seen a survey put forth to determine
    members interest in a knife area like SK did. Instead someone comes up with a idea and pushes it. In turn it's a hit or miss. Whereas with a survey it's noised about and us members give input (real data with real numbers). Also, interest is generated. Maybe someone will become a
    new member just for that knife. I like the idea of a club offering but stepping out on more sure ground with numbers before we spend is more
    prudent. Times change and with these companies offering a number of attractive knives we need to respond in like manner to capture some of those sales. We've had this niche to ourselves for years but no longer. DM
  20. VorpalRain


    Dec 8, 2016
    I suppose the profit motive was a factor here.
    When you start with the most inexpensive platform, make few slight modifications and sell it for a high price......
    Profit should be excellent......if there is enough interest in this odd knife.

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