A recent Workhorse full tang Khukuri of ours.

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    Khukuris are tricky things sometimes in that there's two very different types of fans of them and they sort of hate each other. At one end you have history enthusiasts/martial artists who want their blades as lean and fast as possible with an eye for historical details. At the other end you have outdoorsy beer drinkin' types that are looking for a nepalese hatchet replacement that's as cool as possible and as fun as possible. This recent knife will be one for the latter group.


    This style of khukuri is called a Panawal, literally translating across from nepali as "dotted" in relation to the rivets as part of the full tang construction. This style of constructions has been prevalent from worl war 1 onwards, particularly on military blades though may have been around for some time earlier than that. This particularly blade pattern here isn't very old at all, coming into popularity in the 90's as an ultra tough workhorse khukuri for international customers.


    This particular blade is 13" long with a pretty stout 8mm spine. While there are versions of this blade that are much thicker, an 8mm spine paired with our improved heat treat give it all the strength it could ever need and allows for better slicing and chopping performance. In Nepal it's prohibitively expensive to import materials, so we made this orange micarta to match. Helps with visibility and makes sure that the handle is just as tough as the blade itself.


    If you have a look in this last photo you can see there's just a tiny little bit of hollow forging on the go near the tip. Our smiths take a lot of pride in their work and introducing a bit more craft into a very modern blade like this is always welcome.
    You got a workhorse knife of your own?
    What's roughest thing it has to deal with on a regular basis?
    Take care,
    Andrew and the team at Kailash
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    Good looking blade and I'll bet it works great.
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