Am I the only one who can't do the middle finger flick open?

Discussion in 'Spyderco' started by Red House, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. anycal


    Jan 11, 2017
    Or driving... two knives at a time :D

    Out of all my Spydercos, the only one I can't flick is Native 5 LW. Not without giving it some wrist action. Otherwise, thumb, middle finger, upside-down ring finger, all flickable.
  2. uxo2

    uxo2 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 3, 2013

    Are you related to a Aye Aye?

  3. Danke42


    Feb 10, 2015
    I'm kinda in the same boat. I can sort of do it if I really think about it but it's not as intuitive as using my thumb.

    I find with my thumb it's the same natural motion as snapping my fingers. Where with the middle finger it has to move backward from that motion.

    So using my thumb means I'm just adapting my muscle memory. Using my finger means learning a whole new task. I'd do like the other posters said and tape up the blade and also look at something right sized for your hand and with a compression lock for the knife end. Then it's just down to you figuring out what you need to do so the motion is instinctive.
  4. wiens80


    Apr 22, 2016
    I can't do it with my middle finger, but can with my index finger. I have large hands. My PM2 flies out like an auto with my index, my back locks not as quick.
  5. Red House

    Red House

    May 1, 2016
    Mainly PM2's and Military's. Endura would be flat out impossible. I'm starting to think my thumbs are too long because I can't clamp down tight enough to keep the knife from moving when attempting the flick. I like the taping the edge idea so I don't cut myself.
  6. 017


    Mar 31, 2016
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  7. emjay4248


    Oct 8, 2016

    This link will give you a bunch of videos on Flicking a Spyderco.
    Of the three choices you mentioned The PM2 will be the easiest to do. Some Spyderco's are very difficult to flick either the size, Spydiehole is obscured, or just the shape. Gayle Bradley 1 and 2 are hard unless you enlarge the thumb hole. You also need to practice and play with it either or watching t.v. The flicking motion uses muscles that aren't used in your wrist. I haven't done it because got bitten by a Mannix 2 XL on the finger I need to flick. The videos will clear everything for you. Watching someone doing it makes it easier to learn. Have fun
  8. rak2


    Mar 17, 2016
    Oh,, Geeezzz guys - your'e just giving me something else to feel insecure about.
    THis can't be done !!!

    (reminds me of this song:)

  9. brancron

    brancron Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 14, 2011
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  10. Sergeua


    May 1, 2016
    Safety first. you gotta establish good 3 points control.
    Here. I exaggerated it a bit in the video.
    The knife gotta be pointed forward slightly. Your flicks will have more power the more you apply the force into the direction of the pivot
  11. Red House

    Red House

    May 1, 2016
    Awesome video! I was about ready to give up but now I'm able to get a good flick maybe one out five times. The rest of the time it either barely opens and only opens halfway, but I gotta give you credit for my success so far. I'll keep practicing using a PM2.

    Added: I think I've got it now!! Your advice to apply the force in the direction of the pivot was my light bulb moment!
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  12. Sergeua


    May 1, 2016
    The point finger and thumb kinda twist the knife into palm and you get the 3 point control. And yeah you gotta apply the force into the pivot.
    That's where you find that resistance you overcome finding the sweet spot to propel the blade forward.

    When I just open the blade manually, instead of the big arc movement I like to push it into the pivot also. It feels sweet.
    Like when Greg Medford is opening his monster praetorian and using that stud at the end to lock the blade in place. Getting carried away :)
  13. anycal


    Jan 11, 2017
  14. Red House

    Red House

    May 1, 2016
    I've been flicking my fluted ti Military like a champ ever since it clicked. :D
    The fluted ti is the sweetest opening of all my Military's and the perfect size for the spydie flick for me.
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  15. salmonkiller


    Dec 9, 2006
    There is only one middle finger flick that I can do.I can't master the flick with a knife in my hand and I actually prefer to flip instead of flick my knives.Peter Piper picked a flock of flicking flippers.......
  16. kershawguy13


    May 8, 2014
    I find it hard to thumb flick, I can middle finger flick everything down to a Dragonfly.
  17. Scott321


    Jul 20, 2016
    It's easier on the Axis lock, but if the PM2 is tuned and the detent is worn in, it's relatively easy. Think of flicking something with your middle finger. Plus, make sure the knife is properly secured between your pointer finger, thumb, and palm.

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  18. inkynate


    Sep 4, 2010
    It didn't really click for for until I got me lefty pm2 and moved the clip to lh tip up carry. The gif above shows it well, but I usually keep my ring and pinky fingers on the clip/scale and close it in one motion by depressing the lock with my index finger and letting the blade drop closed with a very slight shake.
  19. Bloody Fingerz

    Bloody Fingerz

    Jul 27, 2017
    Thanks for the laugh!
  20. Bloody Fingerz

    Bloody Fingerz

    Jul 27, 2017
    You close that delica one handed like a boss!
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