Spyderco Am I the only one who just can't do it?

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    I can understand and appreciate the OP's aversion towards Spydies made in Taiwan. There was indeed a time when "Made in Taiwan" was synonymous with "junk" and it remained so for a long, long time; perhaps long enough for a generation or two of consumers to develop a reflexive reaction. I get it.

    It is the same with "Made in China", IMO. And although Chinese manufacturing quality has vastly improved since (just like Taiwan), it now contains far more political baggage in our modern times (unlike Taiwan). For this reason, I personally have no issues buying knives made in Taiwan, but choose not to buy Chinese knives anymore--it has nothing to do with quality. It's a personal choice. I won't disparage others who choose differently.

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    All well-made in Taichung, Taiwan: Chokwe, Watu, GB2, Ikuchi, Terzuola Slipit, Dice, Chaparral[/QUOTE]

    I think you nailed it.
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    The only Spyderco I've been able to bring myself to spend more than $300 on was the exceptional Darn Dao, which is a very large chunk of steel comparatively, but I've come close to $300 several times with folders, all for Taichung knives. It seems like Sal has the PRC making the budget line, Seki City making the less-expensive FRN-handled standard models, Golden making the standard flagship models, and Taichung making the sprints, flash batches, and most of the collaborative designs where production runs may be smaller or less regular compared to, say, the Paramilitary 2 or the Delica.
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