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Americas New Military Rifle Kicks Ass.

Discussion in 'Himalayan Imports' started by DannyinJapan, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. VML


    May 24, 2004
    The technology for the CETME came to Spain from Nazi Germany at the end of WWII - Originally German.
  2. munk


    Mar 22, 2002
    Yes, but then the german engineers left and spanish engineers continued. The cartridge was weaker than the Nato round, and fired single rounds with a closed bolt and full automatic with an open bolt. Does this differ from the G3 at all except for cartridge?

  3. Thomas Linton

    Thomas Linton

    Jun 16, 2003
    True. The roller lock.
  4. Thomas Linton

    Thomas Linton

    Jun 16, 2003
    The CETME Model 58 was developed from the StG45(M) desgned by Mauser. The Stg45(M) used a delayed blowback action firing the 7.92 Kurtz cartridge developed for the Stg44. A former Mauser enginner, Vorgrimmler, did most of the CETME design work for the Spanish, using a special 7.92 short cartridge. When NATO adopted the 7.62 mmm NATO round, special low-powered rounds were manufactured to operate in rechambered CETME's. At 11.32 pounds, it weighs about three pounds more than a StG45 and about 1.5 pounds more than a G-3.

    Years ago, before the more recent flood of CETME's, they were rare. The word was that they were not safe with full-power 7.62. The sellers of the recent flood says they are fine with full-power 7.62. ---- So I shoot my G-3 and Stg 58. ;)
  5. munk


    Mar 22, 2002
    The model C Cetme, after the 11 pound model 58, is lighter than either the g3 or the FN This was the last .308 version.
    I know, I've lifted all three. It does not weigh 11 pounds, I believe it is somewhat lighter than a M14 but I'll have the guy down the street weigh his and let you know.

  6. Thomas Linton

    Thomas Linton

    Jun 16, 2003
    Alas, I only have a Model 58, and it weighs over 11 pounds - and I don't feel I can shoot it unless I load my own to lower pressure.
  7. munk


    Mar 22, 2002
    Have you checked that out? I wonder if a stronger spring or couple minor changes and it could do .308? There's bound to be a Cetme club somewhere with the answers.

    Really though, I expected a bear of a gun when this neighbor got his- darn thing is light.

    That's one reason I like my M1A so much- fairly light and points great.

  8. Rusty

    Rusty Moderator Moderator

    Mar 8, 1999
    Interestingly one of the rumors floating around where I live is that the ammo depot here will get tooling to make small arms ammunition ( 9x19, 5.56x45, et al. ) and will become the source for most milspec ammo for the US.

    I'll believe it when I see it. Til then I'll credit it with the other stuff I hear coming out of Joe's Tavern.
  9. DannyinJapan


    Oct 9, 2003
    My CETME shoots standard 308 ammo.

    It was my understanding that wartime ammo was higher pressure than hunting ammo, so modern stuff shoots fine in ww2 guns.

    Now, you have to make sure you are shooting the proper ammo.
    A 9mm federal round will fit in an old webley 38 smith and wesson, but the pressures are different, so there are rules, obviously.
  10. HJK

    HJK Moderator Moderator Gold Member

    Jun 30, 1999
    My country is thinking of buying one of these guns, but it would blow our military budget all to hell.
    We're thinking of buying a few thousand on the Governor General's expense account where it won't be noticed.
  11. munk


    Mar 22, 2002
    Danny, uh, I think you'd better do a little more study.

    firing ammo in weapons not so designed is dangerous.

  12. DannyinJapan


    Oct 9, 2003
    i thought that was what i said....
  13. munk


    Mar 22, 2002
    Danny, where did you hear wartime ammo was hotter than civilian? Which ammo? Which war? Whose side?
    There have been a couple three adjustments in 3006 ammo, but not hotter than civilian.

  14. DannyinJapan


    Oct 9, 2003
    My old Luger 1938 pistol.
    I thought I would need to get low-pressure rounds for it. My gunsmith told me that german ww2 9mm ammo was hotter than modern standard rounds, so any factory ammo would be fine for it.
  15. Thomas Linton

    Thomas Linton

    Jun 16, 2003
    Several sources indicate that German WWII 9mm ammo came in two "flavors": submachine gun; pistol. The first was signifiantly "hotter" than the latter. U.S. civilian ammo is often loaded on the conservative side to take into account weaker weapons in which it might be used. Lawsuits and all that. :rolleyes:
  16. gravertom


    Jun 4, 2004
    Thanks for the input on the CETME.

    I thought about getting one almost 2 years ago, but got caught with the "Swiss rifle flue", something similar to HIKV.

    Economic considerations have caused me to sell them off though. Very sad. My Swiss 96/11 was my favorite rifle ever.

    Right now I just have a Brazillian mauser in '06 and a Spanish mauser in .308 (mod 1916)

    The swiss K31 really spoiled me, as far as bolt actions go, so easy for me to operate quickly, even in prone. very accurate too, but 7.5 swiss is not free.

    I do need to get something a little more "up to date".

    One thing I like about the CETME is just the wood stock!

  17. DannyinJapan


    Oct 9, 2003
    the CETME is just a neat gun, even if you never shoot it.
    Its interesting, like something out of star wars...
  18. stevomiller


    May 4, 2001
    Ferrous, I live here in the grand state of Kalifornia ~ even if the feds lift their assault rifle ban, Kali will not. Dang psycho gun grabbers! :(
  19. mackasenbach


    Oct 28, 2002
    Hey Danny,

    Somebody told me that the Japanese have a blanket gun ban.
    Is that true?
    Do they allow anybody to own and shoot firearms over there?
    My Cetme actually shoots better (less recoil) than my HK
    Looked them over and dont know what the diff is.
  20. Ferrous Wheel

    Ferrous Wheel

    May 16, 2002
    Same for NYC. Looks like you might wanna move inland, away from the edge, man! ;) :D

    I think I'll go price the G36 first...


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