Any collectors left? Any new ones?

Discussion in 'Custom & Handmade Knives' started by Kohai999, Feb 13, 2021.

  1. Dawkind

    Dawkind Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Apr 3, 2000
    Ha! Not so Grasshopper...I have hundreds of Custom Tactical Folders my friend...I don’t post them here because, as you say, there’s no ‘audience’ :D
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  2. Richard338

    Richard338 Gold Member Gold Member

    May 3, 2005
    You post 'em and I'll admire them...
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  3. SharpByCoop

    SharpByCoop Enjoying the discussions Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Oct 8, 2001
    'Grasshopper'... ! o_O Oh, how the mighty have fallen.... :p

    Dudley maybe you can shed more light on this field?

    Sidebar: Chef's knives in the past 5 years have gone skyrocket in appeal. Are they primarily a Collectors market or Users market?
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  4. pyreaux

    pyreaux Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 9, 2015
    Been collecting mostly Harsey custom and production work for years now. Managed to pick up Harsey made Applegate-Fairbairn Smatchet 001 a couple of years ago. The rest of the collection is fairly random and many get used, but smatchet no 1 and the Harsey made prototype for the CRK Neil Roberts are going to stay safe and unused.

    As far as chef knives, picked up one from David lisch at Fisk's microshow and use it often. Won a utility kitchen knife from Andrew Miers and it gets used pretty regular as well.
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  5. Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 28, 2006
    I guess I'm a collector of knives and other things. Good to hear from you STeven.
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  6. JamesBro

    JamesBro Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 21, 2012
    Like the above minus some talent.
    Also I am too cheap to buy a real nice custom, the Behring knife I looked at in Solvang long ago didn't get purchased due to the around 300 price.
    So instead I spent thousands to make my own customs and forget about the time spent, I have a great hobby but probably should have just got the Behring knife.
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  7. parfums95

    parfums95 Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 24, 2008
    -My greatest pleasure to rediscover the old ones, the first forgotten steps. Because each time there is a story and a memory that goes with it. In fact a dating story
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  8. betzner

    betzner CenCal Coast Platinum Member

    Jan 23, 2007
    I've been collecting since I was 18 years old, but it began with art, starting with pieces from the family, then on to more. I started collecting art knives about 25 years ago, but limit myself today, on knives, to just a very few each year.

    Excellent thread, STeven!
  9. Kohai999

    Kohai999 Second Degree Cutter Platinum Member

    Jul 15, 2003
    Good to see many familiar names. I have been active on IG last few years...ease with the interface more than anything else.

    Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm.

    Best Regards,

    STeven Garsson
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  10. Mecha

    Mecha Titanium Bladesmith Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Dec 27, 2013
    I've heard it said, the most expensive knife is the one (or ones) you make yourself. :D
  11. JParanee

    JParanee Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 23, 2006
    I’m really trying to stop

    my kids have no interest and it will just all be a mess to get rid of

    over the years I’ve collected to much stuff cars , bikes , guns , swords , pens , bows , fishing equipment etc

    it’s time to slow down and I’ve been really trying to stop buying knives and guns especially

    I have two commissions out

    one a sword ....last one for sure

    the other a piece from Qwesanberry

    I try and show my kids what things are and how to maintain them but there is no interest

    Just hope they take the time to figure it out when they sell it all

    is what it is

    it’s been fun but piling stuff up that I have not even looked at in years seems kinda silly these days :)
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  12. Sonnydaze

    Sonnydaze Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 6, 2009
    This collector has left the barn.
    Doesn't mean I don't buy a nice and then...
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  13. Mecha

    Mecha Titanium Bladesmith Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Dec 27, 2013

    1. Nobody gets rid of a titanium sword - they get buried with it

    2. You haven't collected a titanium sword yet

    3. More room to slow down when a titanium sword speeds you up

    4. Second to last sword

    5. Titanium sword needs no maintenance; don't have to explain it to the kids

    6. Bigass titanium sword o_O
  14. billf

    billf Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Oct 9, 2003

    Haha - this is the best part of being a "collector" - interacting with makers, sharing ideas and especially (for me) meeting them in person at shows or hammer-ins or whatever. And, as a corollary, meeting/talking with photographers/sheathmakers and other knife-related businessmen and women.

    I know, old school , "OK Boomer"..... maybe there's something to that :)

    I get what Joe is saying though. In addition to knives, my wood collection is out of control !
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  15. JParanee

    JParanee Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 23, 2006

    All good points Sam are the best :)
  16. SharpByCoop

    SharpByCoop Enjoying the discussions Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Oct 8, 2001
    I'm unabashedly a 'Boomer'. Proud, even!

    Tell us/show us a bit of this 'wood' collection. :eek: :thumbsup: :)
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  17. billf

    billf Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Oct 9, 2003
    Hey Coop

    As I don't have to tell YOU, posting pictures has become more difficult :(

    Having said that....I have probably about 400 handles worth of Killer Koa, and you will have seen some of it on knives posted here by any number of makers whom I consider friends. In fact, I know for SURE that you've taken pictures of a number :thumbsup::D

    I'm guessing I have 60 blocks/scale sets of Ringed Gidgee, another 60 of DI Burl, and some amazing Amboyna Burl and Honduran Rosewood.
    Add in Redwood burl, Bog Oak and various other interesting and unusual "one offs", and my very patient wife is threatening to use some of it for firewood so she can reclaim some space !:p

  18. Lorien

    Lorien KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Dec 5, 2005
    my friend just sent me a damascus billet big enough for a chef knife that I think will pair wonderfully with one of those wood blocks that you sent me. Gonna lean on another friend to show me how to forge it into a knife shape- so your material contributions are not strictly material! When that knife is completed, it will have required at least four people to create :)
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  19. RogerP

    RogerP Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 28, 2002
    I'm still kicking around. Good to see you here STeven, and some of the old crew as well.
  20. billf

    billf Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Oct 9, 2003
    Hey Roger :thumbsup:

    interested to see what ya come up with !
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