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    Mar 23, 2010
    Well, I'm technically new here though I've been a lurker on and off for years.

    I've been learning all I can in regards to cabin building using only hand tools, the most important tool being an axe. This has led to me going a little overboard (as I tend to do with hobbies). Anyways, with my new found hobby of collecting/restoring/re-handling axes I've tried to put a little info together. This is just in the preliminary stages, mind you.

    I'm sure there are some of you who are much more knowledgeable on this topic than me so feel free to share some info.

    I've tried to make a list of the most commonly found axes for collectors or just those who don't put too much confidence in contemporary axes (for good reason in most cases). In the list I've tried to include the city and state for US made axes, and country of origin for axes made abroad. The list isn't complete, but I thought I'd go ahead and share it with you guys. I'll edit it as I find more info and if any of you have any info to add, feel free to let me know and I'll edit accordingly.

    Here's the list as it sits now (if you're reading this at a later date it may have changed):


    Aberl (Germany)
    Barco Industries (Reading, PA)
    -----Now producing the "Kelly" branding of axes that were previously made by other companies
    Bahco (Sweden)
    -----New production axes are apparently made in Germany...but there is some discrepancy here
    Bark River Knife & Tool (Escanaba, MI)
    -----Also provide axe profiling, grinding, and sharpening services ***these services are highly recommended***
    Council Tool Company (Lake Waccamaw, NC)
    Craftsman (USA?)
    Estwing (Rockford, IL)
    Firestone (Tucson, AZ)
    Fiskars (Finland)
    Fitzi (Switzerland)
    Forrest Tool Company (Durango, CO)
    Gransfors Bruks (Sweden)
    Hults Bruks (H.B.) (Sweden)
    -----Now part of Hultafors Group
    Husqvarna (Sweden)
    -----These are re-branded Wetterlings axes (however, quite a bit cheaper than regular Wetterlings :) )
    Leborgne (France)
    Lee Reeves (Shattuck, OK)
    Leonhard Müller & Söhne (Austria)
    Marble's (USA?) ???
    -----I know these are still produced, though I can't find a manufacturers website
    Ochsenkopf Äxte (Germany)[list_set]=28362,57412
    -----"Ox Head" branding for USA market
    -----Stihl re-brands these axes for the US market (and possibly other countries?)...they use the "Iltis" line of Ochsenkopf axes
    Pfeil Tools (Switzerland)
    Plumb (Philadelphia, PA)
    -----Produced "Keen Kutter" for a time in addition to Kelly
    -----Current production is by Cooper tools with their headquarters in Houston, TX
    Roughneck (UK)
    Snow & Nealley (Brewer, ME)
    Stihl (Germany)
    -----These are rebranded Ochsenkopf "Ilsit" axes
    -----Also, Stihl previously sold re-branded Fiskars far as I know they no longer do
    Tosa Uchi Hamono (Japan)
    True Temper (USA?)
    Tuatahi Axes (New Zealand)
    -----Highly regarded for their race axes, but make work axes as well
    Vaughan (USA?)
    -----Produce the "Supersteel" and "Sub-Zero" brandings
    Wetterlings (Sweden)
    -----Technically owned by Gransfors Bruks now, however it still operates independently



    A. Keys (USA?)
    A. Tredway & Sons Hardware Company (Dubuque, IO)
    -----Sold "Lincoln" brand axes that were produced by Mann Edge Tool Co.
    American Axe & Tool Company (AA&T Co.)(Glassport, PA)
    American Fork & Hoe (Cleveland, OH)
    -----Produced hatchets for US Military around WWII
    Arvika (Sweden)
    Bingham's Best Brand (BBB) (Cleveland, OH)
    Barker Rose & Kimball Inc. (Elmira, NY)
    -----"Cayuga" branding....Indian head logo
    Belknap (Louisville, KY)
    -----"Bluegrass" branding
    Blood Axe Factory (Ballston & Bloodville, NY)
    Bridgeport (Bridgeport, CT)
    Collins (Collinsville, CT)
    -----"Legitimus" branding
    -----"Homestead" branding
    -----Was bought by Mann Edge Tool Co. and relocated to Lewistown, PA
    Crusader (USA?)
    D.R. Barton (Rochester, NY)
    Douglas (USA?)
    Dunlap (USA)
    Dunlap & Madeira (Chambersburg, PA)
    E.C. Simmons (St. Louis, MO)
    -----"Keen Kutter" branding
    E. Rogers (USA?)
    Elwell (UK)
    Germantown (G.T.W.) (Germantown, PA)
    -----Used a keystone shaped logo with "GTW" inside
    Hammond (Philadelphia, PA)
    H.S.B. (USA?)
    H.S.Cc (Germany)
    H.S.W. (Sweden)
    Holmes (Pittsburgh, PA)
    Hytest (Australia)
    J. Fowler Company Ltd. (St. John, New Brunswick, Canada)
    J. M. Warren (Troy, NY)
    Kelly Axe & Tool Company (Charleston, WV)
    -----Used "True Temper" branding
    -----Made "Lincoln" branded axes after Mann Edge Tool Co. stopped
    -----"Black Raven" branding
    -----Was bought by American Fork & Hoe Co. and continued using the Kelly name for axes
    -----Produced the "Keen Kutter" line for a period of time
    Kelley How Thomson (Duluth, MN)
    -----"Hickory" branding
    Kretschmer - Tredway Company (Dubuque, IO)
    -----Sold "Lincoln" brand axes that were produced by Mann Edge Tool Co.
    Lake Side (USA?)
    M. Horton (USA?)
    Mann Edge Tool Company (Lewistown, PA)
    -----"Collins" branding
    -----"Norlund" axe heads
    -----Produced "Lincoln" Axes for various companies/distributors
    Marshall Wells Hardware Company (M.W.H. Co.)(Duluth, MN)
    Mound City (St. Louis, MO)
    Norlund (Lewistown, PA)
    -----Axe heads were made for Norlund by Mann Edge Tool Co. in Lewistown, PA originally
    -----Norlund's went out of business and the brand has been used by various companies since
    Pioneer (USA?)
    Powell Tool Company (Cleveland, OH)
    Sager Chemical Axes
    -----Brand under the Warren Axe & Tool moniker
    -----The "chemical" part of the name comes from the chemical treatment of the axe heads that was claimed to increase life and corrosion resistance
    Sandvik (Sweden)
    Schreiber, Conchar & Westphal Company (Dubuque, IO)
    -----Sold "Lincoln" brand axes that were produced by Mann Edge Tool Co.
    Simmons & Company (Cohoes, NY)
    St. Pierre (Worcester, MA)
    Stanley (USA?)
    Underhill Edge Tool Company (Boston, MA)
    W. Beatty & Son (Rochester, NY)
    Wards (USA?)
    Warren Axe & Tool Company (USA?)
    William Beatty (Chester, PA)
    Winchester (USA?)

    For US made axes that I wasn't sure of the city and state I put a ? next to the USA as the location. Admittedly, some of the axe manufacturers listed may have USA listed next to them and actually be made abroad. I did this simply because most of the axes found stateside are made here, so it was a bit of an assumption. Like I said before, if I find new info I will change things as necessary. Also it should be noted that many of the "makers" listed may simply be distributors that had the axes made for them and marked with their information. I have noted this below the "makers" if it was something I was aware of. For axes made abroad I have simply used the country of origin without specifying city or town.

    Some manufacturers moved locations, were sold to other companies, etc. which, without writing a book, is hard to note.

    One thing I'd really like help with is trying to differentiate "models" from manufacturers. Some of the makers I have listed (such as Pioneer) I believe to be a model of axe rather than a manufacturer. But I'm not sure on some of them, so I will leave them until I figure it out. Some of the seemingly "simple" ones to figure out such as Stanley, Craftsman, and Winchester I didn't want to simply list the tool company's location due to the fact that I wasn't sure if they out-sourced the making of the axes or not. More or less I haven't taken the time to find out, but didn't want to eat crow when I found out otherwise if I was wrong.

    I figure this may come in handy for those of you who find an old axe and would like to know more about it.

    Now, with all that being said, just because they are listed here doesn't necessarily mean they are a "great" axe. I personally prefer Scandinavian axes, but there are quite a few US axes that I would like to get my hands on. I can't say many contemporary US made axes have my attention, but I've been surprised before.

    Also, I haven't listed any "hawk" manufacturers simply because there are a ton of individuals who make them and that might be best saved for a different thread if someone so desired.

    Well, let me know if you have any input, info, or history to help out. And don't jump down my throat if I have left something out or listed something incorrectly, I just started this earlier this evening. :p

    Thanks :D
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  2. devilpig


    Mar 23, 2010
    Oh, I guess I should mention that any axes I have get used. If I find a usable axe head it WILL be re-handled and used. This might lend well to some good reviews/comparisons in the future, so be looking for that as well.
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    Oct 12, 2004
    Great list.. A couple I have info on are
    Marshall Wells was in Duluth Minnesota and
    B____B____B. was Binghams Best Brand
    Thanks for taking the time !
  4. devilpig


    Mar 23, 2010
    Awesome, edited :thumbup:
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    Jul 17, 2009
  6. TKAZ


    Feb 1, 2010
    Rather impressive list, thank you for spending the time on it.
  7. devilpig


    Mar 23, 2010
  8. Krieger


    Jan 10, 2006
    Ochsenkopf Äxte (Oxhead Axes) from Germany and Leonhard Müller & Söhne (Leonhard Müller and Sons) from Austria could be added to the list.
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  9. devilpig


    Mar 23, 2010
    Added, thanks!
  10. Krieger


    Jan 10, 2006
    You're welcome!
  11. devilpig


    Mar 23, 2010
    I don't know how I forgot about Leonhard, Mueller & Sohne.....they make great axes.

    Another that for the life of me I can't the hardware store the other day I saw a Stihl axe that was of amazing quality. It wasn't one of the Fiskars/Gerber axes that Stihl sold. It was German made...I want to say the name was something like "Spaltz". Anyway, I might pick one up this weekend. I'll post pictures and info if I do.
  12. devilpig


    Mar 23, 2010
    Also, some of you may be able to help me out with this:

    Found an axe that is marked "20th Century" in cursive script....also has "USA" marked below that. Any idea about this one?
  13. Krieger


    Jan 10, 2006
    I agree. They have them at

    Was it "Spaltaxt" by any chance? That's German for splitting axe.
  14. devilpig


    Mar 23, 2010
    I feel stupid :( was an Ochsenkopf..."Spalt Fix" was just the model name

    I actually went and bought one of the felling axes. It is the Iltis Canada model.

    This is the model I bought:


    But it looks like this:


    Seems to be very well balanced and pretty light. Head already has a nice grind to it.
  15. Krieger


    Jan 10, 2006
    Don't feel too bad. There doesn't seem to be a lot of info about Ochsenkopf axes out there. I was looking for the official website for the longest time because a local store has these axes. I finally found the official website about a month or so ago. Here's the link if you're interested (remove space): http ://

    Enjoy that axe! I hear nothing but good things about them. They make a double bit that is on my short list:

  16. devilpig


    Mar 23, 2010
    My old neighbor gave me an old True Temper of some sort yesterday as well. I will re-handle it and clean it up a bit.

    This axe addiction is going to get expensive. Looks like I'm gonna need to build some racks to hold them all.
  17. devilpig


    Mar 23, 2010
    Ok guys, due to a request on another forum that I posted this list on I went back in and separated the currently produced axes/hatchets from the "no longer produced" ones.

    I also added links for the manufacturers, but for the currently produced axes a quick google search will give you retailers.
  18. devilpig


    Mar 23, 2010
    Added a few makers...more to come.


    Jul 28, 2006
    Great list, thanks
  20. devilpig


    Mar 23, 2010
    No problem...and as I stated before, if anyone has any input or sees any discrepancies within the list I've made, feel free to let me know.

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