Boker Gnome Stag Handle - first thoughts

Discussion in 'Boker USA' started by lupus55, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. lupus55


    Nov 21, 2009
    I have just received my Boker Gnome in the mail today, and thought I should share my first impressions.
    I opted for the more expensive version with the stag scales and the leather sheath.
    The ergonomics of the blade are not quite right, the stag scales are blocky and could have been angled further down where the scales meet the blade.
    The Boker website describe it thus - “This neck knife from Jesper Voxnaes will captivate you with its ultra compact design and carry comfort.”
    I can agree with the ultra compact part of that statement , however, the carry comfort is an entirely different matter. The leather sheath has absolutely no retention at all. The knife is supplied with a steel bead lanyard for carrying as a neck knife. The second you hang this around your neck, the knife will swing upside down, or even worse tilt down at a dangerous angle inviting an accident to happen. The one redeeming factor here is that within a few paces the knife would drop out of the sheath and not actually be hanging around your neck anymore – as I said previously the sheath has no retention.
    Now for the most important part the blade itself. Straight out of the box the blade was not what I would call sharp and screamed for a touch up. Given that the business end of the blade is only 2 and 1/8 “” I broke out my Sharpmaker and started with the grey medium stones. Well according to my trusty permanent marker and jewellers glass, one side was 20 degrees and the other approximately 23 degrees. No biggy, but after a few minutes I realised that the 12C27 steel seems as hard as S30V, I think it is going to take a fair amount of patience to set matters to rights even with the small amount of blade length.
    This is my first experience with 12C27 and I will post an update after I have set the angles up correctly and had a chance to assess the edge holding capabilities of the annoying little beast.
    As far as the annoyance factor, this stems from the ergonomics or rather lack of, and most annoying of all – How can I carry the thing? Obviously it won’t cut it as a neck knife, it would either travel south and cut me in some really inconvenient place or end up lost the first time I carried it. On the other hand if I just pop it into my pocket, it will come out of the sheath and wait for my unwary fingers to dive into range. The only solution that seems to present itself at the moment is to carry it in a dedicated jacket pocket with a ranger band around it, or leave it in the front pocket of a fanny pack.
    I truly wish I had saved the extra $20, and opted for the Micarta Handles that are more tapered and the Kydex sheath that I could tighten up and actually carry the knife with a bit of confidence.
  2. lupus55


    Nov 21, 2009
    Well after fixing the assymetrical grind, I can say the steel is taking a good edge, judging by the time taken to sharpen, the 12C27 should hold a decent edge.

    I lined the sheath out with a couple of pieces of soft leather which seemed to fix the retention problem.

    Replaced the bead lanyard with a hunk of paracord ( with a slipknot arrangement to avoid arguments with my drill press or other spinning, choking machinery ).

    Seems like I now have a quite decent neck Knife, and it is not too bad for a handy whittler.
  3. Stainz


    Jun 24, 2007
    Last summer, I ordered my Gnome in standard fare - and Rhino in stag. The rationale was simple... the Gnome would make a decent kneck knife in a Kydex sheath, while the Rhino would be nice in a pocketable leather sheath. Noble plan, right? Nope... this is the internet... believe nothing - without proof! The only place that had a Rhino and Gnome in-stock last summer when I ordered them was AG Russells - and the Rhino had the stag handle - their 'specialty' then; 'new' stock in the current Boker catalog.

    The stag is especially neat on the Rhino - and the belt/pocket leather sheath is preferred here.


    Both required a few more minutes on the Sharpmaker than I thought they should. My first 12C27 experiences - followed up by my Mosier - then the CLB Subcom Titan - in D2 - another thrill on the Sharpmaker. A hint - for any tough steel - clean those Sharpmaker ceramic files twice as often as you'd expect to need to - believe me!

  4. lupus55


    Nov 21, 2009
    "A hint - for any tough steel - clean those Sharpmaker ceramic files twice as often as you'd expect to need to - believe me!"

    Oh yes I believe you. I was sitting at the sink for over an hour. Lost count of how many times I had to reach for the ajax powder.

    I spent an hour whittling with the Gnome today and it held it's edge real well.

    The Rhino looks great, will have to put that on my list. My Ex asked me once "How many knives does one person need? ", the standard answer each time she asked - Just one more!
  5. Vampire Hunter D

    Vampire Hunter D

    Nov 26, 1999
    I picked up one of these yesterday at a gun show. The OP is right, the sheath is pretty much useless. Mine is too loose even for belt carry.

    I wanted the micarta gnome but after seeing the stag I really liked it. The stag slabs are pretty square but they work. It gives me a pretty good hold. It'll be easy enough to grind some contour into them if I change my mind.

    I'm going to have to get some kydex for this. Right now I'm carrying it in my chest pocket.

    - D

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