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    Mar 19, 2002
    Picture History of Early CRK's;

    Chris Reeve Knives History Timeline To Date and Blade Steel Timeline

    Mnandis Through the Years- A History in Pictures;

    Damascus Mnandi through the years;

    The Chris Reeve Knives Umfaan ........ A Small Review;

    Sebenza & Mnandi specs and photos
    If you are the owner of this thread and want me to unlock it so you can fix the pics, create a thread requesting this or send me an email or pm. I am keeping this for posterity and history contained. The links are mostly broken.

    List of inlay materials used for Classic/21 Sebenza

    A ZZeal of ZZebras

    If you would like to add links to this history, send me a pm or email to request consideration.
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