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    Nov 7, 2011
    Question on that. From what I've observed using Oneshot on firearms and now on knives, it's the carrier fluid for the aerosol and cleaner solvent that evaporates quickly, but that it does leave behind 2 substances for corrosion protection, and a light lubricant, that stick around after the other stuff evaporates. From what I've seen in your tests/pics, and some similar ones, the results showing pretty good corrosion protection would suggest that there is something that hangs on for a while.

    Regard the 'light lubricant' aspect, IMHO, this is probably the weakest aspect of Oneshot, trying to use it as a lube. On any load-bearing part in a firearm, especially things like slides, rails in pistols, BCG's in an AR, bolts, etc., I like to use an actual light synthetic grease, either something like Super Lube, or more recently been using Slip EWG grease. Slip EWL 30 is like a liquid form of that same lube, and that's what I use to add a drop to the pivots of my folding knives. Basically Oneshot to clean/protect, and Slip EWL to lube the pivot.

    Does that fit with what you've seen so far?
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    Yes exactly, it definitely leaves a residue behind. It's supposed to be a dry lube, not sure how it compares to the greases or heavy oils though in the lubrication department. But Hornady is pretty good at making firearm stuff so I wouldn't hesitate to use some on my firearm.
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    I had to purchase a bottle of the XCP rust blocker as a result of this thread; I justified it now that I own two maxamet blades.

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