Do you think I am over reacting???

Discussion in 'Battle Blades with Greg Walker' started by Guntaholic, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. Lance Gothic

    Lance Gothic

    Oct 1, 2000
    Brothers & Sisters of Security and Situational Awareness,
    Guntaholic and Lady Fair, et alia,

    Merci beaucoup mon ami. Enchante'.

    Lance Gothic
  2. Ferrous Wheel

    Ferrous Wheel

    May 16, 2002
    You might have stopped a crime, I could draw the same conclusions, having been in similar situations.

    I once picked up a guy who needed a ride, good samaritan style. He was gettting out of the pasenger side of a truck. The truck took off, and he came over to me. "Hey can I get a ride?" Sure I say. He gets in , I can read some tension in him. he's making chatty, asking questions, Wantes me to take him to his place, Just up the road. I note that the truck he got out of is up ahead, and makes a right turn. He says: "Turn right up there, I live over there" Well, I think there's something going on, and I feel there will be a rude surprise waiting for me if I keep being the nice guy. I turn a block early, and pull over at an open Convenience store, very public and lit, I say "well, I think that's pretty close, don't you? Good luck, man." He was thinking he was in control of the situation with his banter, trying to get me to do whatever without thinking. I asserted my Control by doing different than he planned. If I was just acting paranoind, then he at least got to within a block of his place, no room for complaint.

    Lance and Gunt: I thought only law enforecemnt could get ballistic armor. how did you guys get it or get fitted for it? I'm interested, I collect arms and armor.

    My wife is coming around too. She's taken soem Aikido, knows how to use her cunning as a weapon.

    En Ferro Veritas

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