EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by rycen, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. TenShun705

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    Nov 13, 2016
  2. Edgeoflife

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    Oct 11, 2018
    Every time i carry the native chief i ask myself why i don't more often. I initially had a millie picked out this morning but changed up last minute due to the Chiefs light weight (3.99oz) for the overall size thanks to no liners. i really like its carry ability. For a 4-1/8” blade it folds up slim and has definitely earned a place as a keeper in the collection. the thick G10 has a PM2 like texture and the blade could be used for stabbing as its super pointy. Its basically an elongated G10 native 5 with the attractive full length ss backspacer. The sprint version in s90v/CF Looks to be that much nicer as well as even lighter i assume.
    66307C21-4FDB-4333-87B1-AB4248D909AF.jpeg 5CAC265D-DE4D-4B69-AF27-09495538AB05.jpeg
    Lockup on my example is very solid for a lockback with no wiggle unless you grab the handle very tight to bear down then the lock can be depressed a little since there is no boye dent but i dont hard use much anyhow. Overall the chief makes a great large EDC imo.
  3. TheFactor

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    Feb 26, 2015
    The Tiger hard at work. It’s a little smokey by me I’m starting to feel and smell like a cooked marshmallow.
    That’s a picture of the sun :eek:
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    May 10, 2013
    If wifey asks I've been totally helping the kids with school, not playing around with the camera taking knife pics while they're on zoom calls ;)



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    Jun 18, 2019
  6. Pt-Luso

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    Nov 8, 2014
  7. ChazzyP

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    Dec 27, 2014
    That Native Chief looks pretty sweet, @Edgeoflife . I was not much of a fan of back locks for a long time, but have warmed to them since, as I've used my Endura and Delica FRNs more, acquired those two models plus a Police4 in Pakkawood/Hap40, and carry my Police4 K390 fairly regularly. As much as I like those Police models and love my Millies too, the Chief is long and pointy and tip-up carry with the bonus of a lanyard hole at the proper end.

    While I'm fine with S30V and G10, I wonder if there'll be another run of S90V and CF. BHQ lists that knife as out of stock but also advertises it as "Coming Soon!" Was that an exclusive with them? Very tempting either way...
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    Jan 4, 2006
  9. Diabetic1776


    May 20, 2020
    I’m a Buck collector. Custom 110, 301, 309, Swiss buck taskmate II, 837 Selkirk firestarter, Gerber impromptu and a copper Olight i5t. I also carry a 175 lightning in my jacket
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    Dec 1, 2015
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    Dec 1, 2015
    Thank you!
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    May 18, 2015
    The Tiger is my buddy for the day. :)

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    Dec 1, 2015
    Looking good together! Around how many years may lie between these two?
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    May 20, 2020
  15. JasonPaul

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    Nov 28, 2016
    Something about the CRK classics. Timeless.

  16. K33ncutter

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    Jan 24, 2020
  17. Brhowser87


    Aug 3, 2016
    Never heard of them or seen these before but after a little google I have to say these are pretty damn cool. Pricey little bastard but definitely a cool design and setup. How is their execution of the composite components? Good quality?
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    Jan 4, 2018


    Aug 7, 2010
  20. MolokaiRider

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    Sep 13, 2017
    Used the Manix 2 to cut up sun-dried deer meat.

    I think I need to open this one up and clean up the corrosion by the pivot. Still works great though!
    FE3F6AD1-F9BA-4C03-8D7B-7F5EE8F8CB6E.jpeg 18EC42E5-C207-4BA0-9323-5939997276D9.jpeg 17A117B1-7CDF-4989-B183-366AF6AF6A78.jpeg

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