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Discussion in 'Emerson Knives' started by Lycosa, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Lycosa


    Aug 24, 2007
    Gang, I have been rotating folders for a long time. These 3 get the most pocket time; CQC7B, SnG Tanto and CRKT M16-12 Tanto. I must say that I feel the most confident with my CQC7. There's just no doubt about it.
    Can anyone relate?
  2. ibute21

    ibute21 Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 26, 2010
    Emerson confidence is a real thing. After picking up my first Emerson over a year ago they're all that I've carried. Whenever I grab one in the morning I know it will do whatever I ask of it and come back for more. Every time I hold one it feels like a handshake with a best friend.
  3. SOC_MRN_Leon


    Mar 9, 2012
    Emerson Journeyman for me Rolf. Carry it more than my cherished BM Gravitator!
  4. Lycosa


    Aug 24, 2007
    Well said, ibute21. You nailed it. When I hear Emersons are too much money, I tell them to hold one. Use one. Then tell me that.
    jahmun, Leon! Lets me and you try a Commander next.
  5. RiverRat84

    RiverRat84 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 21, 2011
    All I own now. People can say what they want, but they work for me everyday.

    PS. Definitely try a commander:thumbup:
  6. Lycosa


    Aug 24, 2007
    Yep.^ I will be selling more knives off.
    I'm looking for a Commander now.
  7. MrPocketsOfSteel


    Mar 13, 2012
    Cool thread. Like I had said somewhere else before. I understand it now. I didn't then. I am just curious if that feeling for me will last. I haven't done as much cutting with it as I thought. I do a lot of whittling when I'm outside.

    I don't know if that style of blade isn't really tailor made for that type of cutting or what. It's a pretty small edge. Should it be thinned out a bit? I'd like to think Ernie knew what he was doing when he designed The7. Surely it can handle some east wood cutting.

    Come on guys- tell me to not worry and have at it. Ha! Confident evoking piece though? As in waving it and the feeling in my hand? Oh-no doubt.:)
  8. SOC_MRN_Leon


    Mar 9, 2012
    Hehe, I like the way you think buddy! :D
  9. Nic S.

    Nic S.

    Mar 4, 2012
    If I'm going to really work out some steel, I grab my mini commander!
  10. MrPocketsOfSteel


    Mar 13, 2012
    That is the one I want next. It's strange. I haven't loved and thought about my knife and just held it in my hand for no reason before. Until now.

    But I wanted my first Emerson to be The7 - just to see if I would "understand the phenomenon." But I do know the Commander is my type/style of knife. I won't get another knife until that one is on my hand.
  11. Lycosa


    Aug 24, 2007
    Thanks, guys.
    MrPocket- Do not ever sell your Emersons. You might find yourself rotating different folders but you will come back to an Emerson.
  12. akula83


    Aug 19, 2008
    I only have one, but how it "feels" in the hand and that sweet sounding "click" of the lock engaging.....definitely something there, the knife's got soul.
  13. ice186


    Feb 15, 2013
    No doubt....my Combat Karambit is on my person almost daily....when it isn't, my La Griffe is in it's place. I have 150% confidence in these two blades and if I don't have one of those 2 on me, it feels like bad juju....
  14. MatthewSB


    Feb 1, 2013
    Good advice :(

    Several years ago I had a Commander, a pair of A-100s and a pair of Super CQC-7s. I carried one of the five daily and used the hell out of them. I sold them all, at a big loss, because I decided I didn't like serrations. Also, the CQC-7s and the Commander were waved and I decided I didn't like that either.

    After carrying a Spyderco Military, Para 2, and an Al Mar SERE 2000 I started to really miss the ugly but effective Emersons. Now I'm in the process of buying new Emersons. I have a CQC-7B BT that I love (the older, pre-standoff version) and have an A-100 in the mail that should be here this week. I'm really enjoying the non waved, plain edge CQC-7 for every day use, although the chisel grind is taking some getting used to.

    The CQC-7B is tied with my Para2 for "most trusted folder".
  15. Lycosa


    Aug 24, 2007
    SB- Remember, you can pull your Waved Emerson without engaging the Wave.
    I did not like serrations at all but I do now. :D Keep this in mind also. They have their place.
    Thanks, gang.
  16. MatthewSB


    Feb 1, 2013
    I live in a state where a knife that "opens by a motion" is a switchblade, so no wave, assisted opener, or flippers for me.

    As to serrations, I like them on a purely "emergency" knife, but for my daily users I like a plain edge.

    My plan this time is to own both serrated and plain edge versions of any knife that I like. I sold my previous Emersons because I needed the money to buy different knives. I can now afford to have a diverse collection, and will be very hesitant to sell any more knives because I know I'll eventually regret it :D
  17. Lycosa


    Aug 24, 2007
    That's^ a plan.
    Would you buy a fully serrated Emerson? :D
  18. JCB0802


    Apr 7, 2014
    I bought an Emerson CQC-7 a while back, just to see what all the hype was about. I love the knife. And I also hate it.

    For what I paid for it, I feel like the fit and finish should be better. I was a bit disappointed in that. Also, the lock was sticky, and being a titanium locking liner against a steel blade, has worn in rather quickly. Then there's the fact that the blade centering was off pretty significantly.

    Took it apart, tinkered with it, got the blade centered up. The lock still alternates between sticking and having a bit of rock.

    Bottom line, love the design, just not the execution. Can't wait for the three Kershaw/Emerson colabs I pre-ordered. haha.
  19. Metal Made Fox

    Metal Made Fox Banned BANNED

    Sep 28, 2011
    I used to be on a huge Emerson craze back when I didn't know as much as I do now about knives. I have probably owned around 25 of them. Then I realized that there are much better built knives out there for not even half the cost.

    Almost all of the Emersons I've owned have had off center blades (on some of them the blades were so off center that they would actually rub on the liner). Two of them had lock failure when I would apply a little pressure on the spine of the blade. I had to send them back. Furthermore the fit on all of them was uneven. The way that the handles, liners, and backspacers were cut and put together left ridges on the lines of the handles. Back then I didn't really think much of these little issues so I kind of just ignored them and kept buying them.

    Now that I know so much more about knives, I really don't have much confidence left in Emerson anymore. In all honesty they just feel flimsy to me and I certainly wouldn't trust my life with one (unless if it was a CQC-12 or HD-7). I have found that my $30.00 Ontario Rat 1 has much better fit and finish than any Emerson I have owned. It also locks up stronger and more reliably.

    I'm not trying to troll the Emerson forum, nor am I lying or exaggerating in the very least. Yes, I find a $30.00 knife made in Taiwan to be better in construction than any of the 25 Emersons I have owned. Don't care what anyone says or thinks this has been my experience with Emerson.

    Now, I still do have a very slight bit of love for them though. I want to get hands on a Super Roadhouse and an UBR Commander sometime in the future. One thing about Emersons that no one can deny is the fact that the ergonomics on all his knives are amazing. They all fit in my hand like a glove.
  20. Metal Made Fox

    Metal Made Fox Banned BANNED

    Sep 28, 2011
    I guarantee you that those three Kershaw/Emerson colabs, are going to be much better built than an actual Emerson.

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