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Discussion in 'Outdoor Edge - Edge Tech Forum' started by Geode, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. Geode


    May 12, 2001

    I bought my son both a Paragee and a Camillus EDC - both of DDR design and both very nice knives. The fit and finish on the Paragee was definitely better than that of the EDC, though the blade steel could have been better if 154CM, IMO. The feel of the Paragee and design are also superior.

    Based strictly upon the price point and quality of the Paragee, what I do not get is why Outdoor edge folders are not wildly popular. If the Magna and Impluse are anywhere the value of the Paragee, it would seem to me that they would be huge sellers.

    My only guess is that marketing and distribution might play some role in this puzzle. Anyone else have an idea? Do higher grade steels need to be used?

    Anyway, a mystery to me.
  2. BB42


    Feb 5, 2001
    Good question, Geode, but I think you're on track with the marketing/distribution angle. It wasn't until I found this forum that I knew Outdoor Edge even made folders. I always thought of them as "The Wedge guys."

    I purchased a Magna a short time ago and found it to be a winner -- though a tad larger and heavier than I had expected, I might add. It's a crying shame that the Outdoor Edge folders didn't take off like they should have. A Paragee is most certainly on my want list...before they're not available anymore.
  3. Cosmic Superchunk

    Cosmic Superchunk

    Jan 28, 2001
    I really like Outdoor Edge's folders. The Magna is perhaps the most underrated tactical/utility folder I can think of. It's my favourite OE model and I really feel it's a must have for knife enthusiasts. Too bad they are now discontinued, but I'm glad to own one of each (Aluminium & Zytel). I too have often wondered why the Magna, Impulse and Paragee never took off as they should have. They can certainly outperform other more expensive production folders.
  4. David Bloch

    David Bloch

    Feb 22, 1999
    Ah, the why didn't Outdoor Edge folders sell question. It's funny. I just came from the ATA (Archery Trade Assn. show) and many people came by to say how great our Field-Lite, Pocket-Lite folders are and how many years of quality use they received from these knives. They were then surprised to hear we were discontinuing them at 1/2 off. Their answer to this was, Why? My answer was they didn't sell. Their follow-up question was, Why? I could have answered this with you didn’t buy enough of them but my point is there is really no good answer to why our folders didn't sell. Sure you can say it was marketing or introducing a new product into an over saturated market. The bottom line is, with the quality and price points our folders were offered at, they should have sold much better. I don't think distribution was to blame here. When we first introduced our folders they sold quite well to most customers in our dealer/distributor network. The problem was there was no sell through at the retail level. Yes, the dealers bought them but the consumers didn't. One local dealer here in Colorado told me he sold every knife around the Impulse four times. Go figure. As far as marketing, we ran a slew of folder ads in TK and Blade. After two years I found that dealer sell though for our folders were poor and I pulled the plug on our ad campaign. It takes years to built recognition for a new product line and I decided it was not worth the investment to continue marketing something that sold so poorly.

    Since I decided to move away from folders and focus on the hunting/outdoor market sales have been great. We were up 26% in 2002. Our best year ever in a down economy. Also note we are not done with folders completely. I am now developing a folding fillet/boning knife, the "Fish N' Bone". Release date is scheduled for this summer.

    It's been a while since I posted here so it's good to be back. As always wishing the best and thanks to those of you that recognized the quality and value of our folders and purchased them.

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