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FS - Benchmade Mini Infidel

Discussion in 'For Sale: Automatic Knives (Individual)' started by rjwiggall, Mar 12, 2020.

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  1. rjwiggall

    rjwiggall Gold Member Gold Member

    May 25, 2014
    Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well. I have a Benchmade Mini Infidel up for sale, but here’s the legal jargon first.

    First person to say they’ll take it followed up by a pm gets it. That said, I do reserve the right to sell to who I choose.
    Know your local laws about autos.
    Price includes shipping and PayPal fees (I prefer PayPal).

    Now, on to the good stuff!

    Benchmade Mini Infidel (black blade) - WITHDRAWN

    Knife has been carried and used. That said, I only carried it for a couple of weeks and used it to cut paper around 3 times. It has the factory edge and is still very sharp. Has some blade wear on the black coating from deployments, and also has some handling wear. It’s in very good condition. Comes with belt pouch and box I got it in.

    Thanks for looking!

    FDA5CA76-A83C-42F9-B0C7-280B9714572C.jpeg 4A8DF1EB-45A1-49CF-8FA5-D509DDDCC44B.jpeg C3B40802-351B-4895-AA64-D6A74F24F717.jpeg BB2796ED-4033-4295-9935-CD6D04B658E1.jpeg C7C6F598-03BA-4A7A-A2CA-66C995632210.jpeg B5BFA268-2471-4CF3-8C5A-8A8CF93EAC8D.jpeg
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