Gonna continue to take a break gents...

Discussion in 'Becker Knife & Tool' started by JTmisterknifeguy, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. JTmisterknifeguy


    May 22, 2013
    Hey fellas,

    I've been a (non paying) member on BF for a couple years here, and for a while, I've been spending most of my time here on the BKT sub forum. My last Becker was the 21, a gift from my pops a yr ago last November. :)
    I haven't gotten a new one since, and this last summer I went from working part time in childcare to full time, so I now get less than 0 hrs a month of dirt time with any of my blades. I do often use my 5 for kitchen duty, but that's about it.
    And my little girl gets even less time with a parent as the wife is in yr 2 of a 4 yr rediculously busy OBGYN residency, so even for me, knives come way down the line in priority.

    On top of the fact that my wife (whom I love dearly) DOES NOT like my knife hobby at all, and persistently thinks that my paltry ($400-$600) collection is very excessive. Be thankful for the support you have in your hobby/passion.

    Just not feeling it anymore guys.
    I've been stepped back from BF for half a year, and my sabatticle will probably continue indefinitely until I get more time (using photo bucket to upload extemporaneous photos of my knife usage is time consuming!)
    And I generally don't have any burning questions anymore. :(

    My next blade will probably be a Spydie pm or Manix, or a Barkie. Their Facebook page (BRKT) is excellent, makes me drool, and is as close to the awesomeness that the Becker sub forum is that I've found. Y'all have set a high standard.

    You heads are all awesome, and I appreciate the culture that is nurtured here. I've learned a lot.

    Keep'em sharp guys.
    I'll see ya around.
  2. mbay1455

    mbay1455 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 7, 2014
    JT, have to say I understand completely and wish you well. My bet is you'll be back sometime in the future and probably be surprised that some of the same folks are still posting. I enjoy the hell out of this forum and lurk here almost every day, but after almost 3 years I have not even reached 400 posts.

    I too have learned a ton and just about everyday find links to follow in someone's posts that help me learn something or at least entertain me for a while. I don't imagine a time when I will post so much that I can be part of the circle of people who have come to know each other (some because of gatherings or Blade Show and some because of years of regular posting) but I still enjoy both the camaraderie and the knowledge that is shared.

    If you meant the Spydie PM2 I can highly recommend it. It is now in my pocket everyday (for the last year and a half) and I am amazed at how often I use it and how great I feel about it every time.

    Good luck to you and your wife. Even if she doesn't appreciate your passion, I've found that as years go by and you stay together you can find a way to appreciate each other's passions, even if they don't make any sense to you.
  3. JTmisterknifeguy


    May 22, 2013
    'Preciate it man, truly.
    Catch y'all on the flip side.
    (If I do score some sweet steel (Spydie, Barkie, or Becker) in the near future, that'd bring me back for a while to bask in the glory of a new acquisition. :)
    TTFN (ta-ta for now!)
  4. tradewater

    tradewater Geezerator Moderator

    Jan 24, 2011
  5. NCSlice

    NCSlice Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 22, 2015
    Yeah, a spydie or Becker would be interesting
  6. 19-3ben


    Jul 27, 2015
    Hey I get it. Priorities change, life changes, etc... I'm actually a big "gun guy" and knives were always the mistress to the gun hobby... until about a year and a half ago, i was a very frequent poster on THR... but then my interest shifted to knives and I have posted maybe 3-4 times on THR in the last year?

    This happened about 10 years ago with bicycles. I went to the bike forum, and disappeared from THR for about a year. Then I migrated my way back, as I'm sure I will again. Am I a temporary fixture here at BFC? Maybe. Will anyone miss me when I vanish? Not likely. I'm not exactly an established figure.

    It's very rare that anyone sticks with one hobby, and stays "hardcore" into it forever. Things change. As a guy with a full time job, a toddler, and an infant, I get the family stress and priorities as well, and i don't think it's misplaced. Something tells me that knives will be available and popular for longer than any of us are alive. Family time though... you never get missed moments back.

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