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got my new Delta Z folder - short review/pics

Discussion in 'Delta-Z Knives' started by eric, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. eric


    Dec 29, 2002
    I purchased a Teflon Coated Liner Lock Folder #DZ-6114-AN (http://www.estoremanager.com/deltazkniv-118/product.asp?ProductID=394856) from Deltaz-knives.com and figured I would share my findings.

    First off, the sale price was only $24.50! This is one of the better deals that I have come across for some time. Overall, this is a solid EDC folder. The 3.25 inch blade on mine was very sharp right out of the box. The blade is etched "440 Stainless" but I don't know what kind of 440. The anodized handles are evenly finished in a matte black. The handle is relieved for easy access to the knurled thumb stud and the blade opens smoothly. The lockup is nice and solid, which is something that I have found lacking on a few others that I have recently looked at. I tried to get it to close by smacking it hard on a 2x4, but it would not budge. The pocket clip attaches by two screws and the pivot. It seems pretty secure. This knife fits my hand wellÂ…not too big and not too small.

    I do have two complaints. The pocket clip is very shinny. It appears to be chromed. This makes for a durable finish, but stands out too much when riding in the pocket, especially against dark pants. This was very noticeable against my dark navy-blue uniform pants. Also, the tip of the blade comes down on top of the metal spacer at the end. This is eventually going to dull the tip of the blade.

    A few pics: http://www.villagephotos.com/pubbrowse.asp?selected=155032

    I also purchased an Osprey, G-10. Very nice! I'm interested to see what other knives Delta Z comes out with later. I'm a happy customer!

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