Hale Storm Custom Kydex, or Why Ronnie Makes My Sheaths

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    Aug 20, 2011
    Every one of my knives comes with a Hale Storm Custom Kydex sheath made by Ronnie Hale. I'm going to say a bit, then Ronnie is going to explain in more detail.

    Back last July (2014) I was trying to build my customer base. I didn't yet have a Knifemaker's membership here, so I had to do it a bit surreptitiously. If I saw that someone was looking for a small fixed blade I emailed them and asked if they had found anything yet, and by the way, what do you think about buying one of my knives. It never really paid off, except in Ronnie's case. He took a chance on an unknown knifemaker. We talked, decided on CPM20CV for the steel, and I got busy. That knife is the one on my first batch pre order thread. It has jade G10 scales.

    I had been considering learning leather or kydex as to make sheaths for my knives, but I really didn't want to start a new learning curve or sink additional money into new tools and materials. I decided just to farm out the sheaths. I mentioned all this to Ronnie. He offered to make a sheath for my Dart EDC as to showcase his kydex work.

    It's not an understatement to tell you that I was blown away by his quality. The eyelets were perfectly mushroomed. The edges were nicely rounded, sanded, and buffed to the point of looking like a solid piece of kydex. No sharp edges anywhere. Perfect retention, no rattle, just a solid click/snap into place every time.

    I've carried my Dart EDC in a Hale Storm Custom Kydex sheath for months now. It works like it should every single time. Carrying it every day has only solidified and further justified my choice of Ronnie as my sheath maker.

    There are other things I could say about his materials, construction techniques, things that set him apart, but I'm going to let Ronnie tell you all about all those things.

    I'm sure you will love your knife even more because it comes in a Hale Storm Custom Kydex sheath.
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    Sep 18, 2013
    Thank you Brian. Thank you.

    And thanks for the DART EDC. It is the PERFECT small edc fixed blade. I carry mine in my kydex neck sheath EVERY DAY.

    About me and the way I build kydex sheaths: Attention to detail is my number one priority and I've never lost sight of the fact that the customer is the final judge of my work.

    Here is what I've advertised since I began this over two years ago.

    You can find a LESS EXPENSIVE sheath. I prefer to charge a fair price for a top quality product that will give you years of service. Compare my sheaths to the competition on features and quality.

    "The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten".

    Here is a link to my Youtube Video showcasing my work, I hope you enjoy:


    · ALL STANDARD COLORS ARE AVAILABLE and IN STOCK: Black, OD Green, Desert Tan, and Coyote Brown.

    · I can build in ANY color including camo’s. Camo kydex has a slightly higher price.

    · Tek Lok, Molle Lock, Malice Clip, Compatible…. Eyelets are set up at ¾” on center, 1-1/2” on center, or a combination of both.

    · Unlimited Carry Options.

    · BLACK BRASS OR BLACK OXIDE ALLOY STEEL POSTS AND BLACK OXIDE ALLOY STEEL Screws. NOT cheap aluminum or aluminum alloy like most chicago screw sets.

    · ALL edges and seams are ROUNDED, BUFFED, AND POLISHED for comfortable wear and superior fit and finish.

    · ALL SEAMS are sealed and are virtually SEAMLESS.

    · SPACERS are used on every one of my knife sheaths to minimize blade contact.

    · I use ONLY heavy duty .080 or .090 hair cell or suede finish (matte) kydex in everything I build. Black sheaths will be either .080 suede finish or .090 hair cell finish. All other colors and camo colors will be .080.

    · Superior retention and the familiar “kydex click” on all of my sheaths (note: rubber handled knives will have the same level of retention but may not “click” when inserted into the sheath based on the softer handle materials).

    · EVERY sheath is test fit and a final polish is done right before shipping.

    · LEFT HAND models are available.

    · Custom FIRESTEELS and FIRESTEEL LOOPS, and Custom Belt Loops are available.

    All of my sheaths and belt loops are made by hand, one at a time, for each customer, right here in my shop in the U.S.A. with American made parts.
    At Hale Storm I strive to provide the highest quality kydex sheaths and accessories at reasonable prices. If you have any questions, please let me know and if you decide to purchase, thank you for your business.
    Custom work is available for just about any type of blade. Contact me for a quote. Thanks again for looking.

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