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Discussion in 'Outdoor Edge - Edge Tech Forum' started by sph3ric pyramid, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. sph3ric pyramid

    sph3ric pyramid

    Jul 24, 2002
    Agh, something just erased everything I just wrote...oh well.

    Anyway, I got my Magna (aluminum scales) that I ordered today, and I love it so far. But I need some help with a problem that cropped up.

    At first there was a bunch of black stuff near the pivot, so I decided to clean up the knife a little, and meticulously followed the instructions for cleaning included with the knife (only my second knife, so...).

    So basically I followed each step word for word, and when I was finished drying with a hair dryer (cleaning took around 5 min.), I started to coat the blade with some protectant. This is when I noticed large spots of rust inside of the handle. Keep in mind I had only opened the box around 5 hours before at this point. I was very surprised, and tried to scrub off the rust with a rag I had on hand. It didn't really come off all that well, and then I noticed that there was rust inside of the groove that's inside of the handle (couldn't reach it, so can't clean it at the moment.)

    Not knowing much about knives, my obvious question is: Is this normal? :confused: Can rust form in such a short time (within 5 min.?!)

    Any tips on cleaning out the knife would be well appreciated, as I'm very concerned about the welfare of my knife (maybe more concerned than most; broke student here :p).


    Oh, and I haven't had any problems doing the same type of cleaning with my other knife, which also has aluminum handles...

    Edit- Use of a cloth to remove some of the rust resulted in discoloration, and there's some stuff I can't get at unless I disassemble the knife....I don't know if I'm being picky, but...instant rust that I can't remove disturbs me.
  2. sph3ric pyramid

    sph3ric pyramid

    Jul 24, 2002
    I've sent an e-mail to the [email protected] address around 4-5 days ago, explaining the details. I have a problem with calling, because of the time difference between Japan and the U.S.

    Waiting for a response...
  3. phatch


    Oct 3, 1998
    Unfortunately, OE's business hasn't been as good as their products merit. Coupled with the poor business OE has cut some models and interest is down as is traffic on this forum. It used to be one of my regular stops, but now it's only every few months as there isn't much happening in their product line.

    As the Magna is discontinued, I would't be surprised if you have a Magna that has had some shelf life. And your cleaning efforts probably loosed some stuff that has come down to where you can see it after your first cleaning.

    I'd dissassemble it and fix it yourself. The Magna is a clean and simple design. Just make sure you use the exact tool in your efforts as finding spare parts is difficult.

    As to it being normal? All of my steel liner knives rust inside the scale area. I have to disassemble them to get it out and to apply Tuf Cloth to minimize future rust. I don't think new rust formed, but that the blow dryer and cleaning moved some rust down where you can see it and it dried there.

    These are my opinions and I don't speak for OE.

    You have a good knife, cherish it and use it well.

  4. sph3ric pyramid

    sph3ric pyramid

    Jul 24, 2002
    Yes, I was quite surprised when browsing A.G. Russell's online catalog, and seeing the Magna and Impulse listed as discontinued! I suppose I won't need to worry about the warranty, if OE isn't up to it.
  5. David Bloch

    David Bloch

    Feb 22, 1999
    Hi Phil & sph3ric pyramid:

    For not speaking for Outdoor Edge you spoke very well. To sph3ric pyramid, I just got back in town and have answered your e-mail. You may try metal polish inside the knife with a Q-tip or cloth and if this does not work you will have to dissasemble the knife to clean the oxidation. We could do it for you but it is probably not feasible to send the knife from Japan. If you do disassemple the knife be sure to use the right size tools as Phatch says. Torx-9 for the pivot and T-6 for the body fasteners.

    One thing I would like to clear up is that our business is stronger than ever with sales up 25% this year. We also have introduced several new models although none of these are in the folding knife category. Since we have focused our energy from folding knives back to hunting and outdoor categories business has really picked up. I know we earned some great fans for our folders and we thank you for your support. Unfortunately since we have no plans to develop any new folders I feel future interest in this forum will be minimal at best. I regards to this I think it is time we pull the plug on the Outdoor Edge Forum. If you agree or disagree I welcome your comments.

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