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Discussion in 'Himalayan Imports' started by Bill Martino, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    That's it. Embroidered area is about 1x1 foot. Have five pieces -- 44 largest, 40 smallest. $25 delivered. The one in pix is navy blue and size 44. No choice on other colors.

    Call or email if you want one.

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  2. CoalBlack


    Jan 24, 2002
    :D :D :D

    That's sweet Uncle Bill!!!

    Now if you only had it in a XXX-L tall?:cool:
  3. BruiseLeee


    Sep 7, 2001
    :D me likes it.

    I don't understand the sizes tho. :(
  4. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    I think the size is chest measurement in inches.
  5. BruiseLeee


    Sep 7, 2001
    In that case, I need a 14. :D
  6. mPisi


    Oct 12, 2001
    Beats cafepress all to heck, for about the same price after we add in $5 for Unca Bill... Need a nice XXL here though (size 50 maybe). Are those chest sizes, or European size?
  7. Cuttin' Craig

    Cuttin' Craig

    Jun 9, 2001
    Love to have one, But I wear a size 50 jacket. Which translates into an XL if the run normal or a XXL if they run small:(

  8. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    We always have this problem with size. The T-shirts are made in Nepal for Nepalis and there's not three men in Nepal who take a size 50. We always get the biggest we can find and they are too small.

    Berk got a size 46 and he's a pretty big guy. Maybe he can help us some with the sizes. The factory that makes the T-shirts isn't really hep when it comes to sizes.

    I just tried on the 44 T-shirt in the pix and it fits well. I take a 44 or 46 so they are not that far off, I guess.
  9. jim_l_clifton


    Mar 31, 2000
    Mine is a 46, biggest you had at that time & is a little tight but should fit most!
  10. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    Thanks for help, Jim.
  11. Berkley


    May 5, 1999
    Uncle, I usually wear a size 44 and the 46 you sent fits perfectly, but with no excess. The neck opening is very snug on my 18" neck. Hope this helps others with sizing.
    P.S. The workmanship on the embroidery is beautiful.
  12. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    Thanks for help, Berk.
  13. wildmanh

    wildmanh Part time Leather Bender/Sheath maker

    Jul 9, 2000
    Cool T-shirt Uncle. I think a size 40 will fit me if it's long enough. Is "Debt Good" on this or should I wait till my next paycheck to order?
  14. JimF


    Jan 22, 2002
    Uncle Bill:

    What material is the T-Shirt made of?

    Syl says I can have one if it's pre-shrunk cotton. Otherwise, after a few washings, it just about fits the cat.

  15. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    The tag says 100% cotton. Whether they will shrink or not I'm not sure.
  16. Matt Matheny

    Matt Matheny

    Jan 15, 2000
    size 46 huh?

    Last time I went to get fitted for riding leathers, I came out at a 52... that kinda stuff makes it hard to buy clothes.

  17. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    I've never seen a size 50 or bigger T-shirt made in Nepal -- no demand.
  18. CoalBlack


    Jan 24, 2002
    Sounds like I'm SOL then, I wear a 56:(
  19. billpaxton


    Feb 17, 2001
    Very nice t-shirt design Uncle Bill

    50"-56", Oh my goodness!! Y'all need to get back in school and go on the college student diet plan
    (i.e. no money to buy food with :D). Just khuks, books and beer.
  20. Pumpkin 40

    Pumpkin 40 Platinum Member Platinum Member

    May 13, 1999
    Uncle Bill,
    Email sent on 44 if available, just let me know and $ in the air today.
    Still lurking in So Indiana
    :) :)

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