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    DEF09566-3A1F-47D1-90F4-46879A29115A.jpeg This is the first successful stainless forge weld I have made a knife from!! Its outer cladding is N690 and the core 1095.

    It is the brother of hoarn (this word is Frisian for horn: buffalo and ram in this case). It was supposed to be finished at the same time, however, I tried making a smooth push button for opening the blade but it did not work so the blade had to go back through annealing etc. so I could cut in the grip grooves (fine jimping). Works now, but of course there was a slight bend to take care of as well after the re-heat treating, caused I guess, from stress built up during the grinding (I grind post heat treat).

    It is 6mm (0,23 inch) longer than hoarn OAL but the materials are the same, these horn scales, on Ebony laminates, have a satin finish and the anodising on the titanium was done at 3V higher so it is a lighter blue.

    Thanks for looking!

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    I realy like the way you taper your knives
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    Another great folder.... :)
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