Holiday Sale -- Gifts For Next To Nothing !!

Discussion in 'Delta-Z Knives' started by BarnZ, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. BarnZ


    Aug 2, 1999
    Our holiday sale is in full swing and you'll find discounts up to 75+% in our "Promotions" section. Where else can you get a quality Delta Z knife at closeout prices??

    For example, a $99.95 liner lock on closeout at $24.50... a $300 Mike Norris / Devin Thomas damascus lockback for $199.95... and so on...

    Come on over and check it out:
  2. Raptor


    Aug 31, 2000
  3. BarnZ


    Aug 2, 1999

    Appreciate your lead on all the threads presently ongoing regarding our knives. Of course there are too many questions, or nit-picks to respond to during our holiday season, but in general I'll try to hit a few points:

    1) "because they are ugly" Well, this is subjective of course, and I have no comment on anyone who can't find an attractive knife from our almost 100 different styles. Go figure :(

    2) "I'd sure like a Damascus Osprey" Well, we're sold out, but still has a few left if your serious. Only 100 were made.

    3) "440A is sub standard and compares to the TV knives (rephrased)" 440A is an American made, quality steel, with a low-ish Rc, yes -- but to compare it to Chinese junk (unrated mixed steels) that sell for 97 cents (or less!) out of their factories is ludicrous. Most of our knives do come with high grade stainless steel, such as German W1.4116; Swedish Sandvik 12C27 and Z60CDV14; Japanese AUS-8A: French T9MOV... all hi-end knife steels of respectable hardness ratings.

    4) Re: the 5100 series knife that doesn't compare to the Microtech Socom: At $199.95 they did not compare, nor were they designed too. And the minor mechanical issues were mainly the reason why we closed them out at well under $100 each.

    In the end, our knives, and our customers, speak for themselves. It's usually those who have never owned a DeltaZ before that like to toss out negative comments. It doesn't bother me a bit as I've seen the same for every knife company out there...just par for the course I guess.

    Thanks to all who took their valuable time to comment on our products and wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season :)
  4. DB1


    Jan 4, 2002
    After glancing through the other threads, I had to go take a look...

    I honestly think the styles are fantastic. I had only seen the Osprey model before perusing the website.

    I ordered one :D
  5. ronsec


    Sep 13, 2002
    I bought 2 of them in Nov and like them so much I ordered 2 more today !!! The knives are pretty, well made, and priced right. How can I go wrong? I'm looking at one of their damascus blades for Jan !!! Can't wait !
  6. TheBadGuy


    Jul 24, 2002
    I also bought three Delta Z's in the last month. I think I will pick up a couple more for myself, one for a passaround I will start and one for a giveaway. Heck, at the prices you have, why not?:D
  7. Doug Selsor

    Doug Selsor

    Mar 5, 2001
    I had to grab a couple of these myself. Got one of the linerlocks, as well as a lockback in ox horn. 71.00 for the pair, shipping included. The little linerlock is great. The blade may be 440A, but it sharpens up great and is perfect for using around the office. As for the lockback, it's the 4th I've picked up from the Delta-Z site over the past year. The other 3 were drop points, but this one is a my first clip.

    Here's the linerlock.

    And here's the lockback.

    The W.No. 1.4116 steel is great. The lockbacks have consistently been the sharpest out of the box of any production knives I've ever purchased, and when they finally do need sharpening, take a great edge with a few strokes on the Sharpmaker.


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