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How important is one hand open and close?

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by JDRanger, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. JDRanger

    JDRanger Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 14, 2017
    I enjoy and prefer folders that can be opened and closed with one hand. The easier the better.

    There are some great knives with locking systems (Cold Steel, many Spyderco, slip joints, etc...) that realistically require two hands to open and/or close.

    I thought I’d start a conversation to see how important one hand opening folders are to you?

    Note: I am not dissing Cold Steel and others. They are good products.
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  2. Danke42


    Feb 10, 2015
    I have lots of one hand openers. Fewer one hand closers.

    I can open all my single blade slipjoints with one hand and close them that way too.
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  3. The Hawk

    The Hawk

    Mar 10, 2009
    It is important to me. My EDC knives are all one hand operation.
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  4. jaseman

    jaseman Basic Member Basic Member

    Jul 28, 2016
    One hand open/close is pretty high on my priority list for an EDC blade. Too often I’m underneath a car, on a ladder, holding something in my other hand, or in some other situation where one handed open/close is a bit more than just a convenience.

    This is why I’ve really come to appreciate the caged ball on the Manix. It’s also why I’ve started EDC’ing a fixed blade more and more often.
  5. cnm123

    cnm123 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 7, 2015
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  6. Stumpy72

    Stumpy72 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 5, 2018
    Easy, quick one-hand opening and closing are mandatory EDC attributes to me. I’m happy with flippers, thumb stud openers, thumb hole openers, frame locks and liner locks but not having easy, quick one-hand opening and closing is a deal-breaker for me.
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  7. GIRLYmann


    Nov 7, 2005
    hmm, depending on the occasion
    for knife deployment
    i find quick one-handed-openings
    on folders pretty darn useful.
    whilst single handed quick closings
    is less of an operational requirement...
    then again, an OTF auto could turn out
    to be the right tool for this job ;-)
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  8. gazz98

    gazz98 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 3, 2008
    I prefer one hand opening but it isn't a deal breaker. It usually is convenient to open the blade with the right hand while holding something with the left tho.

    One hand closing? Not really that important to me.
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  9. Black Oak Bladeworks

    Black Oak Bladeworks Gold Member Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Gold Member

    Jun 5, 2019
    All of mine are one handed open and close. I frequently will only have one hand available so it is very important to me. I currently use a spyderco Manix 2 Xl. opens and closes great! I really like the kershaw speed safe opener too.
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  10. hhmoore

    hhmoore Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 7, 2014
    For my "modern folders", I want one hand open/close. I've never been a fan of cold steel; so I've got no experience with their locking mechanisms...but if they require 2 hands, they'd be out, anyway.
    Sometimes, though, two hand open/close is more desirable for me. I generally have a traditional; but will two hand a modern folder if I don't (that's part of why I'm not a huge fan of dedicated flippers).
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  11. Dcdavis

    Dcdavis Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 13, 2018
    I want one hand open. My main use of my knives are at work. Most of the time I’m holding something in my other hand or in a bind. The ease and convenience of one hand opening is high priority. Also being able to get in and out of the pocket one handed is a must.
  12. CHNeal

    CHNeal Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 24, 2019

    ^^^^this exactly! A knife that I need two hands for at work is the same as no knife at all. If I’m not holding on to what ever I’m working on then I’m probably holding onto a lift or ladder so one hand is all I’ve got.
  13. BellaBlades

    BellaBlades Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 12, 2013
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  14. Dcdavis

    Dcdavis Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 13, 2018
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  15. Sigsog226

    Sigsog226 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 3, 2013
    For a work knife, it's pretty much a must. I've tried many times to carry a 2 hand open/close knife, and they don't get to hang around very long.
    Along with the pocket clip, one handed open/closing is just too useful/convenient not to have.

    I do enjoy a handful of traditionals, but only carry them on my days off when I don't need to get to the knife in a hurry.

    And like the some of the others said, usually one hand is already busy. And i always have gloves on at work too. Trying to open most two hand knives with gloves is frustrating. Then you have to take the gloves off, cut, put gloves back on. It's annoying.
  16. Lesknife

    Lesknife Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Mar 31, 2018
    For work I have come to really appreciate one hand open and close. Not only are they handy but there’s been times one handed function saved a lot of heartache and more. The only thing better for one handed operation is a fixed blade but a folder is more compact and pocket friendly. I can open my single blade lockback folders fairly easy but not as smoothly as a flipper liner lock.

    They might not be for everyone but I think one handers have made a huge impact on the knife world maybe as much as the lock back design ie; Buck 110.
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  17. FullMetalJackass

    FullMetalJackass Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 10, 2016
  18. Hickory n steel

    Hickory n steel Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Feb 11, 2016
    For me it's not.

    And when I do need a one handed knife

    Sometimes I find myself closing a knife against my leg, but most often I just use both hands.
    Besides at work the things I need to cut aren't usually crucial enough that I can't just set it down and open my knife with both hands.
  19. 3fifty7

    3fifty7 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 24, 2016
    It’s essential just as a pocket clip and a sturdy lock mechanism.
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  20. lieferung

    lieferung Basic Member Basic Member

    May 24, 2016
    Which Spydercos?
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