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Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by PheonixKingZ, Aug 15, 2020.

How many knives do you carry on a day by day basis?

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  1. PheonixKingZ

    PheonixKingZ Basic Member Basic Member

    Aug 9, 2020
    How many knives do you guys carry on your person, when you got out in public, at home, camping, etc?

    Just curious - this will be interesting. :)

    (Feel free to upload photos of them as well)
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  2. 000Robert

    000Robert Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 28, 2020
    At least four when out and about.
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  3. Wurger190

    Wurger190 Basic Member Basic Member

    Jul 5, 2014
    One at all times, two to three when hunting.
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  4. PheonixKingZ

    PheonixKingZ Basic Member Basic Member

    Aug 9, 2020
    I usually carry two:
    My smaller Gerber STL 2.5 folder, and then one of my spring assisted knives.
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  5. unwisefool

    unwisefool Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 22, 2007
    One or two at most. Anything more than that is just kind of odd. I tend to stay away from those people :p
  6. mushka


    Jun 27, 2018
    Daily two. An sak huntsman and a Wenger Patriot. While on a hunt the Huntsman and a three inch fixed in a small pack with a couple of butchering tools. Camping there are knives of all sizes all over the place. Fishing several in the tackle box.
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  7. PheonixKingZ

    PheonixKingZ Basic Member Basic Member

    Aug 9, 2020
    I kind of feel “naked” without my knives, if that makes sense to anyone... :confused::thumbsup:
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  8. Kmikaz3

    Kmikaz3 Basic Member Basic Member

    Aug 28, 2019
    Mostly 2, one for you, usually a nicer knife and the other in case you need to lend a knife to someone, typically not knife nuts that doesn't know how to handle a knife that well and drop the knife.... Just kidding the second one in case the first go dull or for the sake for having another to interchange.
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  9. marchone

    marchone Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 13, 2013
    Two. A Swiss Army Knife and a folder.
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  10. Rykjeklut

    Rykjeklut Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    May 23, 2018
    At work, generally this.
    The fixed blade could just as easily be a Mora Companion. I switch between them whenever they get to dull.

    Hiking I'll usually take this one

    Fishing; Pacific Salt that lives in my fishing bag. Might bring another one if I'm gonna start a fire or something.

    Around the house it's just whatever I feel like. Today it's this guy
  11. 000Robert

    000Robert Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 28, 2020
    I carry many knives when out and about just in case the SHTF and I need to pass a few knives out to put people to work. I might be the only person in my vicinity that is even somewhat ready for it.
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  12. K.O.D.

    K.O.D. Sanity Not Included Platinum Member

    Aug 21, 2013
    My Vic Super Tinker goes everywhere with me in my medicine bag. Then a modern folder is clipped to my pocket. Today it's a Heretic Manticore E.

    Camping I'll add a Becker BK5 or Spyderco aqua salt.
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  13. JJ_Colt45

    JJ_Colt45 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 11, 2014
    Most of the time two. I carry a small fixed blade most days and if not then a modern folder with a pocket clip and one hand opening, plus a slip joint SAK Farmer daily for the awl and saw ... switched up with others at times. Some days I will have all three on me.

    When hunting it depends on the quarry as to what knives I carry but generally still two ... a fixed blade and folder combo. If hunting big game I will add a set of three fixed blades I use for skinning and caping in my pack along with a folding saw.
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  14. JokersFaceLifter


    Jan 6, 2016
    usually one, sometimes two, (never side by side) lately i put a spydie native 5 or cold steel lawman in my shirt pocket and and either a police or matriarch 2 in my pocket pocket, I'm weird about my pockets, my left pocket is for wallet and keys, right pocket is knife only, nothing ever in my back pockets unless im up and walking (sitting on stuff feels weird)
    phone had a clip but since that broke its taken up my right pocket entirely, so it forced me to carry a knife in the left pocket as well, now im unbalanced, what i want to do is fine a creative way to "pocket" a fixed blade, and by pocket i mean shove in between my pants and my back --- one thing ill never do is leave without a knife, does you no good left at the house. that's like saying "oh the village market is just down the road, ill leave my dirk in the house, it should be fine" only to find that that day is the day its not fine
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2020
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  15. Chronovore

    Chronovore Basic Member Basic Member

    Aug 29, 2019
    I carry one dedicated knife plus a small multi-tool. My dedicated knife for the day depends on what I'm wearing and what I'm doing. I've actually got nine knives in my EDC rotation right now. It's a little ridiculous but depending on the day, these all get carried at least once a month. I blame Civivi for releasing too many extremely high quality knives for very good prices.

    - Civivi Naja
    - Civivi Baklash
    - Civivi Chronic
    - Civivi Elementum (S35VN)
    - Kershaw Dividend (M390)
    - Real Steel Receptor
    - Harnds Talisman
    - Kizer Mini Domin
    - Tangram Santa Fe

    That premium Elementum just knocked a Massdrop Gent out of my rotation for the "church carry" spot. Despite having "office carry" eliminated by lock-down, that premium Dividend stays in as my unique tip-down carry for shirt pockets. There is currently no D2 in my rotation because it's summer and I live in a humid place. When things cool down for Fall, the Bestech Texel and a modified Petrified Fish 818 will come back into play. That might mean eliminating something else to cap my rotation at ten knives. :rolleyes:
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  16. Bull71


    Jul 18, 2018
    Usually I have 2. A Case slimline 61048 in my left pocket. I use it on fruit and sometimes as a steak knife. In my right I switch it up more often, could be a stockman, copperhead, or Barlow. If I’m going somewhere I think I might do some trading, there could be one or two more in my right front pocket. I sometimes carry a 1 blade folding hunter wrapped in a hankie in my right back pocket.
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  17. comis

    comis Gold Member Gold Member

    May 17, 2013
    I bet most people would be just 1-2 on daily basis. Personally, one of them is always a SAK.
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  18. PheonixKingZ

    PheonixKingZ Basic Member Basic Member

    Aug 9, 2020
    Very interesting so far guys!
  19. l1ranger

    l1ranger Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 27, 2017
    for a long long time, i only carried one
    these days its two - a spyderco dominon and kizer mini beglieter.
  20. JAB

    JAB Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 13, 2005
    Just a folder or pocket sized fixed blade and a Vic Classic on keyring.

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