I think I may be done

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    Oct 2, 2004
    I think you may be experiencing what some of us go through as we age. Our life is lived in stages, and our needs at those particular stages can vary. The variance can be the result of jobs being less demanding as we move up the ladder, like being a machinist then becoming shop supervisor. Or being a field rep, then getting up to the office zone manager.

    Or retirement. You no longer have to commute to the office in the city or town, but find you have way more time for fishing, traveling and other leisure activities. Or even metal attitudes can change greatly as you go from middle age to senior citizen, with the harsh reality pushing the young fantasies aside. You see things as they are, instead of what you want them to be. Wants will fade as you see the wants vs needs in context of your real life. You start to think "Been there, done that." Or even a "What the heck do I need that for anymore?"

    We get to a stage where we know what we need, and we don't want to clutter up our lives with stuff we know we don't need. I now the older I got, the less I needed.
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    May 14, 2018
    You paint a somewhat gloomy picture of the future... void of dreams and aspirations. :(
  3. Stelth


    Jul 15, 2007
    I think he describes his personal course as universal and inevitable.
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    Oct 2, 2004
    No, the future is what you make it, but sooner or later you'll reach a point where you know who you are, what you are, and where you are. If you're lucky, you can look back on your life and say "I got it done," and now its Miller time. Kick back, take it easy, and make it easy on yourself because you earned it. You'll be secure in the knowledge and even a bit liberated by realizing you don't need all that crap you accumulated in your youthful days because now your an old man, and you know you won't be going to save Gotham, or doing the Lone Ranger thing. As an old fart going fishing on the bank of the river any little ol pocket knife will do. As will any little ol pocket gun for self defense. You won't have any need for cutlery that will do for surviving the Amazon, or taking out Chinese paratroopers while yelling "WOLVERINES". You raised your kids and then grandkids and you won't be backpacking into the back country wilderness any more at your age. And you know what? You don't really want to. Been there, done that.

    Needs change as you age. Going off into the wilderness with just what is on my back, maybe a nice survival knife may be needed. But the last time Karen and saw Yellowstone, we took the tourist bus around, and later sat on the nice veranda of the Yellowstone lodge and watched Old Faithful with cocktails in hand. We don't travel by motorcycle anymore, but we do like the road trips in a nice car with some books on disc, a little cooler in the back seat with snacks, and our own quiet air conditioned environment. No more bugs in the teeth, getting into our rain suits when it rains, instead use turn on windshield wipers and turn up the volume of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. We reached a stage of life where we didn't want our motorcycles any more. Natural stages of life.

    Its only depressing to go through the stages of life if you fight evolution. Things change and theres not a damm thing we can do about it except run right at it and embrace it. Its natural, we get old, it happens. Get over it. I'm not going to be the guy that tried to fool himself by franticly trying to stay the same. I don't need the bigger knives I used to carry for a few reasons. I'm not that 30 something year old guy anymore, but an arthritic septuagenarian. A peanut size knife or small SAK is all I need, so thats all I bother to have. I don't need anything tactical in my life. And I'm good with that. I will keep a little pocket gun hidden out, and that will be good enough for some low life that thinks the old white bearded guy limping on a cane will be an easy meal. And in 2017 it was enough.

    Yes, aging can be a little depressing, but you go on. No, you can't do a lot of what you used to do. BUT...do you really want to? To be honest, I feel no urge to lug a backpack up a mountain, cook some freeze dried turkey tetrazzini over an alcohol stove, and sleep on a thin foam pad. I like traveling by car, eating at the restaurant and sleeping in a nice bed these days. So does the better half.

    They say old age is not for the faint of heart. Yes, I can vouch for that. But, whats the alternative? Keep on going as long as you can, even if its at a slower pace or not going as far. Like Teddy Roosevelt said, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

    And enjoy it.
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    May 20, 2018
    @Hickory n steel Kudos for starting this thread, and appreciate such nice messages from senior members, whether active or retired. The members’ experiences in some posts are eye opening...
    I think this is a good turn, along the topic of knives’, and look how it has developed!

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    Feb 11, 2016
    Well I'm a long ways off at only 25, but the opinions and experiences from those with more of it than I is definitely informative and gives me things think about.
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  7. Student762


    Mar 7, 2014
    I suppose in part it's a scale thing as well. As some have mentioned, they don't see the need to carry a medium sized slip joint when a small one will suffice, saving on weight and pocket real estate. For my part I consider the savings on weight and real estate to be so negligible there's no need to bother, especially, when, for the sake of my fat fingers, such a saving comes with the minor irritation of trying to grip a small sharp thing safely. I'll gladly take the weight penalty.
  8. J Buck

    J Buck

    Jun 10, 2011
    I got my first Case Peanut about 10 years ago. When I got it, "yeah, I made a mistake". It languished in the drawer a couple of years. Then I started carrying it a little at a time. Mostly as back up to something else like a medium stockman. Then I got a 087 jack. That's the sweet spot for me, at 3 1/4" but limited in handle material choices. Fast forward to today and I own 5 peanuts and that's all I have in my pocket today at work. Go figure. Suburban lifestyle with a bit of fishin' and a little bit of shootin' and gardening, seems I just don't need as much knife as I thought. Admittedly, Mr Carl was instrumental in changing my thought process on smaller knives and such. I am on the north side of 57 years old and finely on the road to downsizing everything. I have way more knives than I need and not really looking to buy anything else either. Yeah, I too might be done. Unless Case offers the 087 in bone that I like!
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    Feb 11, 2015
    buncha quitters in here.... :D
  10. Hickory n steel

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    Feb 11, 2016
    Oh theres still plenty of smaller knives out there past and present.
    Just Monday I chose myself a nice little case toothpick from the Box-o-knives GAW before packing it back up for whoever wins it next.
    I've had my eye on a camillus #41 pen knife on Ebay, and I just learned case is going to release the 6208 half whittler in CV.
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  11. Jim Bob

    Jim Bob

    Apr 16, 2019
    I too have found my sweet spot in the Case Texas jack. I tried a peanut and it will usually get the job done but since I am a fruit-a-holic it's just a bit easier to slice a big ole apple with the bigger jack. Not to mention, Case does a nice two bladed knife in the jack or peanut!
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    May 14, 2018
    Yes! The Texas Jack and the Dogleg Jack are my favorites by Case.
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    Nov 30, 2014
    As a guy who is very very close to being an Octogenarian , I can agree with much of what you have said . We have been married almost 60 years and our favorite camper is an RX350 and Hampton and have been blessed with being able to travel more than the average . But I just have to disagree with you about the Case Peanut for me . It is a fine LITTLE knife and I have one . Key word being little . It is just too small for what I normally need to do when I need a knife . There are times when I could and do carry it or another one that small . I also agree that going old is not for the faint of heart but I have a lot to do yet . There are just too many Bratwursts and Kringles to eat , and Knives to buy yet .

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