Imperial Cuchilleria hecho en Mexico=Imperial Cutlery made in Mexico

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    Hi Larry - I reached out to you when I was researching the article. I’m glad you brought up Shaler – maybe someone will recognize the name. Phil Shaler was a bit of a red herring. It’s possible that he was with Associated Spring (maybe after Keating bought his company and fired him?) but I wasn’t able to connect those dots. There were no trademarks found with any names besides Imperial and Associated so if there was an owner sandwiched between the two, it left no paper trail. It’s more likely there is a Shaler/Associated connection but it’s also possible (however unlikely) that Baer was referring to a different Mexico business. I’m familiar with the passage you’re quoting from and that is the only place in the memoir, or anywhere, that I found a reference to Phil Shaler. While I was chasing that lead it occurred to me I might be chasing a ghost. What if the name is mis-spelled in the memoir? Towards the beginning of the article the Woolworths buyer PG Frantz is discussed. In the memoir the man is referred to as Frantz and also as France – both on multiple occasions and there are other flubs and rough spots as well. I don’t know that it was a final draft, edited and ready for print. Anyway, if anyone has info on Phil Shaler it would be great to add that to the story!

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    That text was scanned into a computer program that made the mistakes seen. You will also see "Baer" misspelled.

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