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    So Charlie_k got me interested in making a spear. Always wanted a legitimate spear since I was a boy so after seeing him try and all the information from everyone helping I decided to give it a try.
    I acquired a “Viking spear head” from a website called Grimfrost that looked legit.
    After exhausting my luck at local hardware stores I purchased an 8ft Ash Pole from a website called medieval collectables. I watched this video on youtube:

    And felt confident.

    I got some nails and a ball peen hammer, sand paper in 60 and 100 grit and set to work.

    The inside taper was wonky toward the end and about 2.75inches deep.

    I secured the end of the pole in a chair and straddled it using my thighs to hold it tight.
    484D2D53-D702-499A-BB6B-65C0C9789782.jpeg 805D5BB6-AD93-42C0-A0FA-40C29A35A622.jpeg
    I figured I’d try hand sanding and if all else failed then get a belt grinder.
    I first attempted to sand paper over the pole but the force was wrong and kept tearing the paper.
    8C35DBAE-CD54-48AF-9FEA-B559F63DC7C4.jpeg E6DAE2FD-57E2-4748-ABE6-CE215E654EBE.jpeg
    I found that Sanding from under the pole was more effective and easier on the paper itself.
    I cut the pieces lengthwise to conserve and better utilize inventory. I wore gloves, a mask, and had an air purifier running. I started in my basement and if I was smart I would’ve done this in my garage...
    After about an hour I felt I was getting close only to see that I was still about a quarter inch shy of my mark. I used an old piece of wood to hold the sandpaper on its edge to get areas with more focused sanding. I wanted to use a sharpie to paint the inside and see where the hot spots were but I couldn’t locate one so I ended up using my spit and finger... it sort of worked.
    Long story short I nearly gave up after two hours of failure. Then I said F this and began sanding the end smaller and eventually cutting off the wonky distal taper piece and voila the shaft fit much better.
    Now I seated the head onto the pole. Drilled the holes a little larger ( they were ridiculously small) and drove a nail in and out the other side. After peening (?) one side it was pretty snug and I was happy. But after peening the other side there is a little wiggle.
    091F9975-CA11-4E0B-A5E5-22C060980480.jpeg 1340E176-BE36-456E-A477-E0D77D2AB424.jpeg
    I am unable to remove the peened nail now. It is secure for thrust motions.

    Thank you Charlie, and everyone who helped give feedback on this thread.
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    Very nice. Every self respecting Swarthy Gnome should have a spear like that.
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