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International Shipping Using USPS Taking Forever

Discussion in 'FEEDBACK: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!' started by LightningG, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. Nicolas.Radlauer


    Jun 24, 2020

    John, this work also for automatic and balis? I am from Europe and I am looking for a way to make some transactions with Canada/US. Here is my thread https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/selling-and-payment.1735965/
  2. barleywino

    barleywino Basic Member Basic Member

    Jul 11, 2020
    Same happened to me. After 6+ weeks where nobody at usps knew where my package was after leaving Chicago, I filed a lost package claim, had to get the sender to verify for usps that they sent the package and it was lost, then they found the package. Going UPS in the future.
  3. choombak

    choombak Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 6, 2009
    For me, this was a one-off for me in about a decade of exclusively using USPS. Not yet there when I have to evaluate choices of carriers. :)
  4. Frankki

    Frankki Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 26, 2007
    The knife I ordered in the spring, shipped March 8th, took three and a half months to eventually arrive. That was a long wait and I put all purchases from the U.S. on hold.

    In September I did buy something from Ebay, as it was a rare opportunity etc. Figured it'll get here when it gets here, what have I got to lose, eh? This time, however, USPS only carried it (rather slowly) as far as the nearest DHL sorting centre and from there it took a couple of weeks to arrive in Finland. Shipping took four weeks in total, which in previous times would have been unpleasantly slow, but nowadays quite acceptable. Much, much better than three and a half months, at least.

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