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    Jun 4, 2014
    Yes I have been playing with Hamons for a few years, I plan on keeping it up until I can get what I want it to do most of the time. Thats the hard part!
    I have been chewing over some true Kitchen designs lately, I do have a few nice references for Japanese style blades, this is a direction I would like to explore. Thank you for the suggestion.

    The Japanese styles intrigues me, I will have to study on this subject more!

    I have been reading up on this the last few days! Question for you, what draws you to this style blade? Is it the Nostalgia or the utilitarian aspect? If both, which Is what I suspect. Which would you find at the forefront of your desire for one?

    I would ask if you could please answer the same questions I presented to @Bmurray above. This will better help me understand what to shoot for.

    I have some references on this style, I have plans to start diving into hidden tangs around the end of the year I hope. I am sure at some point I will do some stacked leather and antler.

    This is in my wheelhouse. I can definitely design a couple of Sand Box Bowies. I would probably end up coming up with a few variations. I have already been brainstorming the idea. The Shrike and the Ferox models are a nod in that direction but, I would like to get into this area in more depth for sure!

    Yes, yes! I like this!

    Got some in the works!

    I like these Ideas too! I share the same opinion of the tracker style, I would like to get out and use one so I could get my head around the design, the nessmuk I have already been chewing on for awhile. I have a prototype drawn up, along with some belt knife designs and a little game/skinning knife.

    I'm not familiar with the sloyd wood carvers...
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    Jun 4, 2014


    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post and of course with depth and nice pictures to boot!
    I do remember our discussions on the handle thickness topic, this is a tricky subject to tackle, as I try and shape my handle to fit the intended purpose and the majority of the hand sizes out there.

    The first contrast I would like to point out which you touched upon in your discussion is Philosophy, I will start with the most contrasting since those are the ones your highlighted on. Adventure Sworn is a true Bushcrafting knife designed for work out in the bush the emphasis is put mostly on this. Most of the knives I have designed up until this point are what I would call Hybrids. I have never up until recently tried to design an exclusive Bushcrafting. That all change with the Vildmark, the handle is designed to be more open, and to have a thicker handle closer to the Adventure Sworn above, but not quite as thick.

    The other contrast would be choice of model and handle material for chosen task, I am in no way criticizing these choices, but when deciding to pair the material with the given profile, I try to imagine to type of customer and intended use for these pairings. Example- Your Raptor with Carbon Fiber would in the past leaned on the side of thinner for more comfort in carrying (Yours being on the extreme side and the probably one of the thinnest I have made) I figured the customer who bought the carbon fiber would be less likely to use the knife strictly in the manner you presented. Also with carbon fibers they are not always offered in the array of thicknesses as other materials and I often need to stack materials to gain the appropriate handle thickness. Carbon fiber being extremely expensive I try not to oversize and remove as little material as possible.

    Going into the model, The Raptor I designed this knife to be used in the field as a game knife, I could see how the thin steel and blade profile could be useful in carving, but again way outside the intended purpose of the knife.

    Most of my designs are purposefully designed as you and other have become accustomed too, I believe this is one thing that draws you and others to my designs. I have and will continue to design multi/purpose Hybrid knives. But I will also continue to design knives that fill the certain niches that my fans and customers desire.

    I do believe you brought up some valid points and have given me something to think about going forward. I appreciate your input as always.

    With all of that being said, I would encourage you especially and others to look closer at the current stuff I have been making and showing on my website and Instagram page. I think you will find that most of the handles I shape are within the not to thick not to thin range that would make for a comfortable user knife. I good rule of thumb would be safe to assume Micarta will range on the thickest side, with wood falling somewhere in the middle and the Carbon Fibers on the thinner. Of course this all can be changed I have just noticed that is how the cookie tends to crumble lately.

    For those who have the need for a out of the norm Thicker or Thinner handle, I have something in the works that will accommodate that real soon! ;) Lots of things in the works and new and exciting things.
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    Jun 4, 2014
    I have tried to tackle this once before, and I will be honest I wasn't pleased with the end result, Made me feel like I needed to design an entirely separate knife. I felt like I was bastardizing the original design too much.

    I think it's a great Idea. I just want to chew on it a little more and design something fitting, instead of just adding something to an already great design! I will start working on this again this fall! Did you happen to remember handling the Orange handled Warthog I made at Blade Show. It had a longer handle, and that was as far as I was willing to stretch that design.

    There is also the Razorback to consider that gives you all you desire in the Warthog handle with an Apache shaped blade, might be what you are looking for. I am still going to design an intermediary model though.
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    Jun 4, 2014
    I am not familiar with sloyds, and vaguely familiar with carving knives, the subject I find interesting, thank you for the suggestion, you are not the first. I will keep this on my short list.

    I like this Idea, it will require me to learn some new techniques, but it is something I will like to tackle along with hidden tangs. I think Hidden Tangs are more of a priority for me at the moment.
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    I'd like to see a true Kephart too. 1/8" CPM154, TT with thumb scallops like on the Vildmark.
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