It's been awhile! update on my knives and workshop

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  1. Tvl


    Aug 30, 2015
    Hello Everybody!

    its been awhile since i posted , and been in my shed.
    i had some issues to deal with , and winter.. with a half open roof is not very pleasant working.
    and somehow i managed to fill the whole shed up with junk.

    so after a good spring cleaning i'm finally able to make some knives again.
    i wanted to share with you , what i have been working on.
    before the winter i finished my belt grinder, finally.
    with 2 small kitchen/vegetable knives for my mom , who absolutely loves cooking.

    and i'm working on some new designs.
    the top one didnt fit the steel, so i made second one slightly different.

    transfer to templates to some good shock resistant 1.2714/ or L6(i think)

    and started to make the rough shape of the blanks

    I also have been wanting to make a hinge so i can use my 2x72 horizontally.
    I am by no means a metal fabricator, so it might look very questionable, but it works...for now.
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