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    Mar 5, 2011
    Probably the last knife ever made by Dr. Keith Nelson.

    I’ve taken some pictures to illustrate the knife, though perhaps my photography skills are not the best. Dr. Nelson cut and shaped the knife using a stock removal method, tempered and heat treated the blade, polished and finished the blade, fitted the handle, gave it a final buff and polish, and then its final sharpening, all by hand himself. He explained some of the equipment he used for this process, much of it going over my head, though apparently it is quite an elaborate process to heat treat and temper this steel correctly, and rather time consuming to make the knife in whole by hand. The handle is one solid formed piece of linen micarta, and the pins and guard are nickel silver. The blade is made from ATS-34 steel.

    The handle is one block of linen micarta, cut to shape and pinned to the stock. The pins are configured two on one side and one on the other. The pins are secured in a way that they cannot be pressed though, and since the micarta is one piece it should hold fast unless the entire handle breaks, which would seem rather unlikely. The tang can be seen through the top part of the handle, providing a unique top view. A lanyard hole is also present.

    The blade has a top swedge cut that is sharpened. The swedge is sharpened and is as sharp as some knife edges come from the factory, but it is no where near as sharp as the actual edge, which is literally shaving sharp.

    The logo is electrically etched into the blade, essentially “burning” the image into the steel so that it will not fade or wear off, but without distressing or displacing any of the steel as would be common if it were stamped into the blade.








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    Nov 1, 2000
    I like it. I can appreciate all the details because I also do the same stuff. You got an awesome blade.

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