Kizer Flip Shank (Ki2521A1, A2)

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    Jun 24, 2013
    Kizer Flip Shank (Ki2521A1, A2)
    This little mean knife is designed by Alex Shunnarah @arsknives . It has titanium on one side of the handle and micarta/G10 on the other side.
    It has a chubby Bowie styled blade that is made of S35VN.
    Total length: 128mm/ 5 inch
    Weight: 99g / 3.5oz
    Blade length:49mm/ 1.9 inch
    Opening mechanism: Flipper
    Locking mechanism: Frame Lock.

    kizercutlery_inc_96421248_142661550658911_8403504428846613686_n (1).jpg
    Which one do you like more? Please let me know in the comment! Take care and stay safe, best wishes.
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  2. SixtyLion


    May 6, 2010
    I like the design, it looks like an interesting mix of a cleaver and an ax! My vote is A1!
    I think this knife does not need a flipper tab, for such small form factor you need to utilize the handle as much as possible, and flipper tab eats away the space on the handle.
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