Knives you hated at first but ended up lovin’

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by DangerZone98, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. Shorttime


    Oct 16, 2011
    Regular-thickness knives. There was a time when 1/4" was the minimum blade spine thickness for me.

    Then I figured out they don't cut things. Leastwise, not without a convex grind.

    Slipjoints: all modern, locking knives for this proud knuckle-dragger!

    Then I got tired of spending more money on knives, and decided to try some non-lockers at the low end. I learned what a lot of people already know: they do just fine.
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  2. Stelth


    Jul 15, 2007
    Sushi. Plastic-handled knives and Glocks.
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  3. Psy223


    Dec 17, 2018
    Internet forums.
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  4. JDRanger


    Aug 14, 2017
    The Emerson Wave
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  5. bigsurbob

    bigsurbob Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 10, 2016
    Also the handle on my CRK Inyoni. Didn't understand it at first. But after using it I've come to realize how nimble it is and how simply it achieves grip, control, and flexibility of hold. Shockingly comfortable. [​IMG]
    (recycled photo)
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  6. Henry Beige

    Henry Beige Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 1, 2015
    Rutabagas. Never realized how essential they are until I went to a lutefisk dinner that didn’t have them.

    And then the elephant in the room, of course.
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  7. DangerZone98


    Dec 7, 2019
    Lmao good point. Some of the off-topic responses are hilarious though.

    Never tried Benchmades before. The Presidio and Freek appeal to me. Maybe the Adamas if it came in S35VN rather than D2, haha.
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  8. DangerZone98


    Dec 7, 2019
    Feel free to comment about other stuff but say something about knives too LOL.
  9. Pomsbz


    Jul 31, 2015
    Victorinox. They were so boring, so aesthetically neutral, steel so soft.

    These days I carry nothing else.
  10. DangerZone98


    Dec 7, 2019
    SAKs are pretty awesome too. And you have more than just a blade on your person at all times. Although I find it easier to control a slightly larger knife like an Izula.
  11. DangerZone98


    Dec 7, 2019
    Surely you must own a Becker BK2 then? :D
  12. JokersFaceLifter


    Jan 6, 2016
    of course, i find myself saying " the knife is perfect but they made it in the wrong steel" about 5 times a day :confused:

    i would love to see a folding adamas with cf-elite handles and an s30v blade, that's worth 200 to me
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  13. AntDog

    AntDog Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Apr 3, 2001
    Believe it or not, I thought I would hate the Sere 2K. Before I got one I thought it looked like a dorky little Peter Pan looking knife with too much handle and not enough blade.

    I traded for one on a whim thinking I’d hate it but wanting to see what the fuss was about, and it kicked everything else outta my pocket for 20 years. Go figure. :cool:
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  14. Shorttime


    Oct 16, 2011
    TOPS Knives Lil' Roughneck. 3/8" thick stock.
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  15. DangerZone98


    Dec 7, 2019
    3/8”? Thicc boy indeed, haha.
  16. DangerZone98


    Dec 7, 2019
    Same man. The Adamas is a badass platform.
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  17. K.O.D.

    K.O.D. Sanity Not Included Platinum Member

    Aug 21, 2013
    Spyderco. Got my first shortly after joining BF, a GB1. I own 6 currently:

    Yojimbo 2
    Para 3 Spy27 lightweight
    Manix 2 CTS-XHP Sprint

    I've tried/sold/traded many others. Wish I'd kept the Southard, and replaced the Dfly ZDP-189.

    At first I was very disappointed in the Heretic Manticore E. However, after much fiddling, it finally smoothed out. I like it a lot, despite being so stiff my cousin struggles with it, as well as my mom.
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  18. skyhorse

    skyhorse Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 30, 2010
    Mora Companion
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  19. Shorttime


    Oct 16, 2011
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  20. Steely_Gunz

    Steely_Gunz Got the Khukuri fevah Moderator

    May 9, 2002
    Recently, I have always found the Cold Steel Voyager XL to be a gawdy and ridiculous knife. The massive and silly 5.5" folding blade, the overly long cheap plastic handle, the insistent Tri-Ad zealots that would spine whack the bejeezus out of perfectly good knives in order to tout the overbought locking mechanism, etc.

    I had a couple bucks burning a hole in my pocket yesterday and my local knife shop had a PE clip point Voyager XL marked down. What the hell...I bought it.

    OK, I'm going to eat crow. Not as refined as my edc CRK, but I can see the reason for the love. $70 folding pocket tank. Easy to sharpen, tough to break, and certainly has a cool factor.

    Ill be testing out over the next couple of weekends.
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