Law Of the Sharks, Rules, Tips, and Tricks

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    Dec 22, 2007
    Yeah, I think this company and the group that follows it are a special lot, to me at least. I really like that as busy as he is Andy still makes time to come here and interact with us and answer questions frequently. That is an element not found in many places these days.
  2. +ulfberh+


    Apr 11, 2014
    interesting concept, can't wait to snag one.
  3. xxwjtxx


    Dec 13, 2013
    Just as a bump,
    Per some recent threads about folks on Macs having browser performance issues during Friday sharking extravaganzas, I decided I would write a quick tutorial more so about general Mac maintenance / best practices that might assist some of the previously mentioned folks in having a better sharking experience on Fridays.

    1) I am a technologist and an engineer; not an IT professional. I wear an IT related hat some days.. some days I don't. I am writing this in laymans terms. If you are looking for a detailed theoretical dissertation pertaining to RF signal degradation, 802.11 optimization, packet loss, etc, you are in the wrong place. If you feel that you can write something better / more technically sound, by all means please do so! These are suggestions only.

    2) There are never guarantees with the internet,, your ISP, your router, your machine, etc. If you are serious about sharking be prepared to spend some time (on Friday) trolling around the forum refreshing a lot and paying close attention. This all comes down to persistence, patience, and having a game plan. Re-read this entire thread in detail. There is a lot of good advice posted by fellow sharks; we have nice knives because we take this process seriously. I (like many) work Monday through Friday 55-60hrs per week. I work Fridays (as do most). I schedule my Fridays around sharking if I am looking for a specific knife that week. Don't be one of those sore losers who post things like "well, I can't sit around all day waiting for the post, unlike some people :rolleyes:..." I have sharked knives pulled over on the side of freeways, during lunch / coffee breaks, and at the water cooler... Hell, I sharked a knife in a meeting once. Friday is one of my craziest days of the work week. If you want a knife, again, obey they law of the sharks, have a game plan, read this thread, and be persistent. (Rant over, back to the OP :D)


    The BASICS (non Mac specific suggestions)

    1. Refresh often. Watch the "Well.... its Friday" thread; lately Ken & Andy have been posting specific time ranges that the FBF post will be going up

    2. Watch Fotki. When the pics post on Fotki, log out of BladeForums (doesn't matter what OS you are on), and log back in. BF caches quite a few cookies (and other data) that can cause a forum browsing experience to go awry... Just imagine, you somehow managed to beat everyone into the thread and you just clicked submit reply for your dream knife, only to have BF tell you that you are no longer logged in...sharking fail. Logging out then back in right before the shark fest can help mitigate this type of critical sharking failure at the most inopportune moments.

    3. Use CTRL/Command "F" (as in find) as soon as the post loads to search the keyword of the knife you are attempting to shark

    4. Use page up/down as well as home/end to quickly navigate between the top and bottom of the page (i.e. where the text entry field is to post your reply)

    5. Highlight the item you want, CTRL/Command "C" (for copy), "End" (to go to the bottom of the page), CTRL/Command "V" (for paste), submit reply

    6. (hopefully) Shark Knife

    ** All of this assumes that you are on modern day broadband cable or fiber; not dial up, DSL, satellite, etc.**

    If you are unsure of your connection's over quality of service, do a quick connection / speed test! While this can be subjective, it can also give you some basic indicators about the overall performance of your broadband.

    - Connect directly to your modem / router, and open Applications > Utilities > Terminal (or command prompt in Windows Run > "cmd").
    - Type "ping". Observe the TTL values.
    - Allow your machine to ping the forum 10-15 times and then press CTRL+C (mac only; windows will ping 4 x times and calculate for you).
    - Average the TTL values observed in terminal... you should be in the ballpark of 40-70ms within the continental US to If you are not, you are either geographically far removed from one of your ISP's hubs or you might have an issue with your local area network. Troubleshooting your network will not be discussed here. If you believe your home network is hosed / mis-configured, do some reading online, take a rainy sunday and rebuild / reconfigure it. You might learn a lot, and as always, knowledge is power!
    - If, however, you truly suspect there may issue with your line, google your ISP coupled with the word speed test (i.e. Xfinity speed test), and proceed on to your ISP's speed test page to run a quick test. TTL / Latency to your ISP should be <25-30ms (again on modern copper cable or fiber optic broadband in most urban / suburban areas).
    - If your latency is greater than this, you might want to contact your cable company to do a line test, send a refresh signal or check your S/N (google it ;)) as to ensure nothing is impeding your connection further up the line.

    General Mac suggestions:


    1. DITCH SAFARI...Do the research. I recommend Chrome, although Firefox is equally as fast

    2. Plug in: A hardwired ethernet connection will always be faster than wi-fi... period. If a physical connection is not an option, ensure that your mac's wi-fi connection is healthy! You can access OSX's native wi-fi analyzer through these steps:
    ----> Mavericks - (
    ----> Pre-Mavericks (

    3. Use private mode: Nothing is cached; this means that every time you refresh the page, you are getting a full refresh not a partial / cached refresh

    4. Clear all cookies / cache on Friday morning: this will ensure that any bloat or temporary files that may be present in your browser's cache are removed prior to commencing sharking

    5. Run Disk Utility: Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility: While this may have absolutely nothing to do with browsing speed, etc, it does have something to to with overall R/W performance of your HD's volume. A healthy volume = better overall machine performance / responsiveness. Verify & repair as needed. (

    6. Run OSX maintenance scripts: Applications > Utilities > Terminal > Type: "sudo periodic daily weekly monthly". Note you will need your administrator password to execute this command. While these are supposed to be run by the OS automatically, it never hurts to run them on Friday morning... (

    7. Reset your NVRAM/PRAM: This is a must for any mac user suffering from generally slow performance ( / (

    8. When in doubt, shut 'er down (or restart) prior to commencing your sharking activities


    Honestly, there's a lot of information out there pertaining to the ongoing maintenance and optimization of OSX. I have not even begun to scratch the surface of understanding / maintaining / effectively administering OSX; the above stated advice may help some of you realize a bit more performance, however there is no effective replacement for going out and doing a bit of self-guided research and experimentation. OSX is a resilient and powerful operating system that runs atop some of the best (quality) consumer grade hardware that folks can buy today. Unfortunately, even high-end tech can suffer from performance degradation and slow-downs if not maintained properly (or optimized for sharking :D).

    Good luck & happy sharking

    Ps. some previous banter on a similar topic found here:
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  4. emoney2277


    Feb 14, 2014
    These are good tips, thank you! I am by no means a master shark but I have had some success. It takes commitment. After the fotki post I start paying close attention to when Ken (Bamboo) logs in. After that, I know it's only a matter of a few minutes before the thread. I also use a laptop, iPad, and iPhone simultaneously. After I refresh one, I refresh the other and so on. Hope these tips along with Will's help some folks out. I am NOT tech savvy at all! If I really really want a knife, I just commit to it. In the beginning I had trouble. Andy and Ken helped me out a couple of times, if you are having problems they will find a way to get you a knife. They are great folks. With the way things turn over on the flea market, I feel anyone can obtain some sort of FB. It may not be your "grail", but at least you can sample the brand. Just my .02. Thanks again, Will.
  5. xxwjtxx


    Dec 13, 2013
    No prob; just trying to pay it forward a little bit :thumbup:
  6. Comprehensivist

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    Aug 23, 2008
    Thanks for your detailed tutorial Will. I don't shark much from my home Mac, but I will use your advice when I do. I hope that people appreciate that this advice is coming from one of the best Great White sharks on the forum. Good stuff my friend!


  7. Imrahil


    Jun 18, 2013
    Since I am on DSL and located fairly far away (250+ ping) I study Fotki to figure out what it is that I want. Then I go into settings and disable all images, this makes a huge difference on my load times and means that the page isn't constantly moving while trying to load the new images.
  8. prom52

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    Jan 13, 2014
    A sincere thanks Will for the insights you have offered in this tutorial. For Non-Techies like myself this type of support is invaluable and much appreciated. Your contributions to this Forum certainly do qualify you for "Great White Shark" status, and as Phil mentioned "one of the best" indeed.
  9. wbaxley

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    Dec 15, 2013
    Thanks Will - very good stuff. I am an experienced Mac user and still leaned a couple of things - sweet!
  10. thurin

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    Dec 19, 2012
    Great Info Will!!!

    One thing I would add if this wasn't already implicitly said elsewhere:

    Be sure you're refreshing on the main Fiddleback Forum page on page 1. This defaults to most recent post at the top. When the new Fiddleback Friday post is created, it will pop up at the top of the page.
  11. prom52

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    Jan 13, 2014
    I can certainly confess that this wasn't implicit for me Nathan. As a new member to the forum this year I have been using the search function with Fiddleback Friday + date only to experience a 5 to 7 minute delay for the thread to reach my screen......even with a steady level of Command + R hard refreshes. Needless to say many desirable Fiddlebacks have been snagged before I have been able to lay eyes on the thread. Can't wait to try out this tip along with some of the system efficiency tips that Will posted earlier. I continue to be impressed at the level of sharing that exists in this community. Please accept my sincere thanks for all of the insights that have been shared in support of the brand that we hold so dear.
  12. RRaconteur


    Dec 7, 2013
    That "disable images" trick is pretty clever. I hadn't thought of that. Good show, man.

  13. Imrahil


    Jun 18, 2013
    Gotta do anything you can when you are using slow internet!
  14. always prepared

    always prepared

    Sep 18, 2014
    I am so sorry if this is so simple for everyone else. But I can't find how or where I purchase, when I find a knife I like? I get that I have to be the first one to say "ill take it" but do I have to pay right away as well??
  15. xxwjtxx


    Dec 13, 2013
    Steps are pretty straight forward:

    - Re-read this thread
    - Wait around the forum on friday; watch the "Well its Friday..." post for information about when the day's post will be.
    - Keep refreshing
    - When the post appears, go in and try to claim your knife
    - If you successfully claim said knife first, wait an hour or so and either Andy or Ken will confirm that you've got it
    - Send payment to [email protected]
    - Repeat as necessary ;)

    Hope this helps!

    Oh, if you strike out there are four retailers online who carry Andy's knives; please visit the "Fiddleback Forge Intro" thread for details. As of midnight 9/19/14, all four have knives in stock!
  16. bear71


    Jun 17, 2013
    Immediate payment is not required, as soon as is convenient after you've been told that the knife is yours - bear in mind the knives are shipped tuesday. Payment details are listed at the top of the thread before the knives are listed. It's easier for everyone if you copy the description of the knife and paste that with 'I'll take it", 'please' or whatever. Ken/Bamboo will notify you in the thread if you were successful getting the knife you wanted.
    Take a look at some past friday's to get an idea. The Fleamarket is also a fantastic, less cut-throat place to pick up some great knives. have fun and good luck.


    **see above post - wooded better than mine**:)

  17. always prepared

    always prepared

    Sep 18, 2014
    Thank you guys so much.. Been pondering getting a knife made by andy roy for years... And now its finally going to happen... Hopefully:)
  18. LavaWood

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    Sep 13, 2014
    From 2:28-2:36 I couldn't access bladeforum at all.
    oh well :)
  19. MikeinCali


    Aug 24, 2014
    Hey guys,
    I'm looking for a little help with Tapatalk. Does anyone use it/ like it? How do you know when the new Fiddleback Friday is posted? I'm always too late to the party!
  20. lpid64


    Sep 4, 2014
    Check out the "Well it's Friday" thread on Friday AM around 10am. Andy makes an announcement when the "sharing" will begin. I have Tapatalk. I like it to browse and look through the threads. For fiddleback Friday there seems to be a bit of a delay...which is all it takes to miss out. I've been more successful looking into BF through the web browser on Fiddleback Friday. That 2-3 minute delay on Tapatalk will cost you dearly. When you are successful, there is no time to shop! Know exactly what you want. The smaller knives come first...the big ones last. Go to the Fiddleback site and figure out what you want? If you strike out on Fiddleback Friday, always look at the Flea Market. There are brand new and lightly used gems in there. Happy hunting!

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