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Discussion in 'Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades' started by rockgolfer, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Half/Stop

    Half/Stop Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 25, 2014
    Thank you Will. I was fortunate to actually be able to pick between several to make my choice! :)

    Thanks for the compliment Travis. The updated totals are listed below. :)

    Thanks for the compliment! I remember those Beer Scouts well. I could have probably bought one of each variation they had at the time. They are beautiful knives. I actually don’t own any with the Beer Scout Knife shield. :)

    I copied this from The Charlow Barlow History thread. So to show the updates on the quantity that was produced. I was standing beside @Primble at Charlie’s table when these were for sale. :D
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  2. Markeologist

    Markeologist Basic Member Basic Member

    Jul 21, 2018
    Thanks for searching Primble’s numbers...should have done that myself. My grail is ever so slightly less rare now then I had thought...resume the hunt!!!
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  3. Half/Stop

    Half/Stop Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 25, 2014
    Mark I wish you the best of luck with your quest! :thumbsup: :)
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  4. rdave

    rdave Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 13, 2013
    my question is, doesn't a noticeable break in production, such as now, signal an SFO is being produced? just guessing and wondering, from those knowledgable, what your opinions are...
  5. Jiki

    Jiki Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 12, 2018
    Is there a noticable break in production?

    There is always something going on behind the scenes IMO.
  6. Elgatodeacero

    Elgatodeacero Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 5, 2014
    I don’t think there is any break?
    I believe the farm and field 62’s are being made with the 23’s right behind.

    I expect a Northwoods 23 later.
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  7. Snodgrass

    Snodgrass Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 7, 2016
    I think we will see a NW on the 23 frame as well. After the Heritage, I was kinda hoping for something a little smaller. I have two 23s on reserve so I'm happy either way.
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    BIGDORK Gold Member Gold Member

    May 27, 2018
    Northwoods 62's would be awesome and would put me in the poor house
  9. knifeswapper

    knifeswapper Knife Peddler Dealer / Materials Provider

    Sep 3, 2004
    They still owe me Cocobolo pocket carvers - I see no evidence of a break. Down some employees maybe, but I bet they are pumping out #62's as fast as they can.
  10. kamagong

    kamagong Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 13, 2001
    Crazy. I remember when they first made 62s. I debated with myself for six months whether or not I should pick one up. That's how long they stayed on the shelves. Ultimately I passed because none of the cover materials screamed "Buy me!"

    I miss the good old days.
  11. Jiki

    Jiki Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 12, 2018
    There are 62s on the shelves right now. Also 97s, 82s, 12s, 92s, 06s .... and so on. :rolleyes:
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  12. Stropping Young Lad

    Stropping Young Lad Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 11, 2012
    I was just thinking about when I first got into GEC, and I was debating about whether I wanted a Beer Scout, Soda Scout, 15 one-arm, Norfolk Whittler, or a 73stl double pull in stag with a cloud shield. They were all sitting there, ripe for the taking.
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  13. Travman

    Travman Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 26, 2016
    Darn. Those were the days. I remember debating between Northwoods Nortolk Whittlers and Northwoods Norfolk two blades with the slated bolsters. I was scared to go over $100.
  14. Will Power

    Will Power Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 18, 2007
    The Raisin Jigged Bone interested me for a while, then I dithered, then I fell into despair at missing out :eek::D But you're right, it was nice to have time to reflect;)
  15. Jiki

    Jiki Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 12, 2018
    You guy's are confused, every pattern for the last 14 months except the 93s and SFOs are still on shelves right now.

    It's the same thing with the patterns, "the first run of 82s was better , the old Eurekas were better".

    Hog wash. I call hog wash on all of it.
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  16. 4thpoint


    Sep 28, 2015
  17. Will Power

    Will Power Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 18, 2007
    Well I certainly cannot agree ;) The first run 82 Stockmans were better in finish esp W&T and the first run Eurekas were ALL STEEL for the main and again more snappy. I have examples of both:cool:

    Everything bar the 93s and SFOs still available? Partly but not in all scales, the difference in the not so distant past was that you didn't have people cranking the handle of "I just bought this knife!!!-aka they're all gonna run out & has so and so dropped yet??";)
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  18. Jiki

    Jiki Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 12, 2018
    Thank you Will, those are perfect examples of exactly what I was referring to.:cool::D:rolleyes:
  19. AZCoyote


    Apr 30, 2019
    Oh boy, message on GECs website sounds like they might close down if coronavirus keeps getting worse. Screw the TP time to panic purchase all the GEC knives I can find online!
  20. gunstockjack

    gunstockjack Mid-low tech sexagenarian. Gold Member

    May 14, 2011
    Just in the email from GEC:

    "We need to let everyone know that the Governor of PA has closed all
    non-essential business. He has not given a return date, but rest assured
    we will be back as soon as possible.

    We are shipping what we have available today.

    We hope that you, your family and friends are safe throughout this time!"

    Everybody stay safe and be aware.

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