Looking for 84mm Aftermarket Scales?

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    Apr 7, 2006
    I have a Vic Walker that is just right for a walk in the woods and though I may leave it alone I'd like to see what options are out there for custom scales. I don't know what exactly I'm looking for: possibly a metal (brass or titanium) but would also be really interested in orange G10 or a micarta. Where's a good place to start looking?
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    Swiss Bianco's eBay store has a few 84mm red nylon scales without the cross for a reasonable price. He is a bladeforums registered manufacturer, so I believe I can give you directions without getting dinged.

    Run a Google search for Swiss Bianco eBay store, go to his store, click on Swiss Army Knife Accessories, and you'll find 84mm red nylon there.

    Nylon scales are my favorites for ease of installation, durability and grip. On Victorinox's nylon scales, the crosses were painted and wore off in a year of daily carry. So no cross should be no problem even if you have a sentimental attachment.

    Since you're not getting responses here, you might try reposting your question in the swissbianco manufacturer's forum.
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