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Madison Barlow Give Away. ***Winner***

Discussion in 'Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades' started by okbohn, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. bmorgan7


    Dec 8, 2014
    What an awesome thing to do! Thanks for the chance!

    I am still a relative newbie to the world of pocket knives, but I would like to own a barlow with a Koa wood handle. I served in the US Navy and was stationed at Pearl Harbor. I purchased a picture frame for my college degre while there and it's made of Koa wood ~ which is absolutely beautiful! That would be a great throwback to my sailor days in combination with my new favorite style of knife.

    For now, here is what I carry in my slacks at work:

  2. Tohatchi NM

    Tohatchi NM

    Mar 26, 2002
    How about the Northwoods Great Lake Sailor.

    Interesting name, but I'm not sure how to fill out the blades. Something that a sailor on the Great Lakes could've carried during Scagel's heyday. Maybe a jackknife with bail. Large sheepsfoot or wharncliff. Small spearpoint or cap lifter/screwdriver.

    My compliments to everyone else who probably came up with a similar idea first. A Northwoods Scout (e.g. Boy Scout-style) knife would be something to behold.
  3. 3-1-1

    3-1-1 Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 2, 2012
    A really high quality scout like Camillus used to make would be great. You can still find Camillus ones, but they're usually in rough shape, and most did not have premium covers.
  4. stevenkelby


    Feb 27, 2010
    I'd love this knife:


    But with this main blade:


    Thanks for the chance!
  5. FLymon

    FLymon Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 23, 2006
    I would like to see a small fixed blade 'EDC' knife with an overall length of 5" to 5.5".
    Something along the lines of the Arno Bernards:

    Or the Bark Rivers:


    Pair it up with one of those pocket sheaths of yours and I think you would have a winner!
  6. Daniel Dorn

    Daniel Dorn Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 21, 1999
    I wouldn't mind seeing older discontinued items, such as Case/Bose colaborations, like the Lanny's Clip, or Coffin Jack. Sometimes folks have a need to find replacements for beloved knives from the past.

    Maybe just an "Oldies, but Goodies" section. I've seen sites that sell collections on consignment. Win-win-win situation for dealer/sellers/buyers, if you ask me.

    As it is, I enjoy your current selection, and often browse through, just to daydream.

    Thanks for the giveaway.
  7. grins000


    Jun 28, 2008
    [​IMG][/IMG]Thanks for the chance, Derrick, how about a 01 pattern pen with bail
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2015
  8. J_Curd

    J_Curd Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 26, 2006
    Love the saw secondary idea.

    If you do a Gunstock make sure and lighten the pull a bit; they make pinching the blade next to impossible....and if the pull comes out like the Forest Jack I'm not sure if strong hands could even open it.
  9. grins000


    Jun 28, 2008
    I second the gunstock[​IMG][/IMG]
  10. wazu013

    wazu013 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 14, 2011
    I would love to them do a ring opener.Their workmanship and materials would naturally produce a beauty.
  11. hawaiianhawk


    Dec 25, 2009
    I'm in. That knife sure is a beaut!

    I'd like to see a full-size scout knife with a bail, or an electrician's pattern like the TL-29 knife. The one modification that I'd really like to see on that pattern would be to have both blades lock open. Done up nice in wood or bone, I think that would be both useful and beautiful!
  12. 4literranger485


    Apr 15, 2012
    I really like the way the camel bone knives take to color. More color choices would be awesome! thanks for this opportunity


    Nov 8, 2014
    A beautiful Lock back option would be awesome. Something like the Gec #72.
    Thanks Derrick and good luck at SHOT
  14. thedaver8


    May 22, 2013
    I'd love a Northwoods "scout" pattern! Thanks for this giveaway, Derrick!
  15. smrt


    Jan 5, 2014
    Thanks for the GAW Derrick!

    There are a few watchpocket sized (3-3.25") patterns in the vintage section, but I'd love to see a modern release of a small knife. Either a shrunken Forest Jack (equal ends, wharncliffe blade, sub 3.5") or a single spring two-bladed version like the #26 pattern. Micarta covers are a must!
  16. Blades&Bullets


    Oct 28, 2013
    Thank you for the generous GAW and especially for taking new knife concepts/ideas from the knife collecting and enthusiast community.

    I wish Northwoods would make Lever Release Switchblades like CASE XX used to make. Even if you manage to find one now, most couldn't afford them.


  17. silkworm

    silkworm Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 13, 2006
    I'd like to see a Northwoods sodbuster.

    Thanks for the chance.
  18. Sam Dean

    Sam Dean Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 3, 2012
    A sodbuster would be a neat pattern. I think the biggest issue Derrick will run into is tooling for a new pattern. Something that can be based on a pattern already in production will be a LOT cheaper to manufacture, even with the Northwoods flair thrown in.

    But, since we're all dreaming here anyway..... If you take this:


    And combine it with this:


    Whit a little bit of this thrown in:


    Then you get this:


    I think it could work well as a slippie or a lockback. Premium materials & a bare head design would look really good. I'm not a fan of stag, but that original Scagel above looks REALLY good!
  19. 17pes


    Dec 4, 2011
    Onespdfrk, you do some nice quick mock ups! I'd love that in a lock back. Missed out on the Mudbug...
  20. Zechs00GT


    Jan 16, 2015
    I really like the blade shape of a sodbuster. Maybe with camel bone?

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