MEGA RatManDu Coming This Wednesday 6/3/2020 At 9:00 PM Eastern!!!

Discussion in 'Swamp Rat Knives' started by MaxRat, May 30, 2020.

  1. SpyderPhreak

    SpyderPhreak Rocketman for hire Platinum Member

    Apr 13, 2004
    That sucks! :( Call or email the shop!
  2. dogboye

    dogboye Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 23, 1999
    Dude, that’s just weird. You aren’t using Safari, are you?
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  3. elof_alv

    elof_alv Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 13, 2009
    Safari? :eek:

    Only on the phone for things I never log into

    Didn't have any issues with getting MSW or Trash 2, so no idea what's going on o_O
  4. Maggot Brain

    Maggot Brain Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 11, 2012
    @RATequila @MaxRat

    Are these Danny The Bull Sheaths offered made with the same specs as the Infimandu Danny The Bull Sheath? I have one of those originals, wondering if it will work for the new Mega RatManDu?
  5. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom

    Mar 17, 2020
    Should I order a 2nd fat rat without fur? The steel won't rust under the handle will it?
  6. RATequila


    Dec 30, 2019
    they are made to accommodate the .350 thickness of the Mega RatManDu.
  7. StealthCaliber

    StealthCaliber Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 20, 2006
    The ratmandu is one of my alltime favorites, it was also my stepping stone into busse and bussekin. Its only fitting to be my first .320.... at about 40 knives later no .320s ... yet :D
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  8. Baoh


    Jul 4, 2013
    Was hesitant cause I love the custom shop RMD I have and don't want it getting lonely. Pulled the trigger on a SwampComp/Orange/Black G10. Really like micarta but time to try something new. Thanks Amy-O for help with the ordering process :).
  9. RATequila


    Dec 30, 2019

    The Ratweiler was my first Busse Kin and the RatManDu was my second.
  10. Seanieo

    Seanieo Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 4, 2020
    Likewise, just got the Mega Ratweiler as my first Busse Kin not so many weeks ago and my totally effin awesome bronze coated green micarta RatManDu that just arrived! Palms are sweating waiting for that comp Mega RatManDu to join the pack.
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  11. therealmrjones

    therealmrjones Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 23, 2011
    Haha yep, that's exactly what I did too!
  12. nordicsniper

    nordicsniper Gold Member Gold Member

    May 17, 2015
  13. 954Ink

    954Ink Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Feb 22, 2020
    Any eta on when these babies will ship?
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  14. hhmoore

    hhmoore Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 7, 2014
    about 2 weeks
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  15. clampdaddy

    clampdaddy Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 31, 2013
    Need me some fresh Rat meat!
  16. Robdude

    Robdude Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 27, 2015
    Any dings goin on yet?....anyone? (Crickets)
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  17. clampdaddy

    clampdaddy Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 31, 2013
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  18. SlamAdams

    SlamAdams Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jun 13, 2020
    Are ppl still waiting for dings on the Trash 2 ? Wondering if naturally those have to be unleashed first?....

    JACKMANDU Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 10, 2019
    Yes , still waiting for the Yard to take out the TRASH2
  20. tinfoil hat timmy

    tinfoil hat timmy Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 21, 2014
    Any update on this one?
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