Modified tanto - kabar nailed it.

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    Aug 2, 2017
    I could not find a thread in this subforum in the first 3 pages and did not want to post this in general.

    Mine just arrived and it is a truly stunning blade, the grinds are aesthetically a thing of beauty.

    Centre of balance is in the handle so feels very nimble. I have heard the sheath will dull the blade, would not be surprised.

    I can't believe there is not more buzz about this knife, kabar you absolutely have to do a presentation version of this knife.. I don't consider myself a collector but I would start if there was an showcase model of this knife.

    I don't believe many used the original design as a general bushcraft or survival knife, this design is even less suited for those tasks. Take one look at the profile and it's pretty clear what it's purpose is.

    I will be ordering a second one asap to mod: sharpen the swedge, possible reshape of the guard, mod the handle.

    Does anyone have pictures of how they attach the extra dangler option on the sheath, I can't work out what the intended method would look like.

    I was saving for a recon 1 in 3v but this knife blows that plan apart.

    Great job kabar, imo the nicest production blade on the market in its category and just a fine looking and well made knife in general.
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    Aug 3, 2011
    Glad you like it! I have always enjoyed the 1245, but I think the 1266 takes it a step further.
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