Neil Blackwood?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Edge - Edge Tech Forum' started by blademan 13, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. blademan 13

    blademan 13 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 25, 2000
    I just heard about the new collaboration with Neil Blackwood and was hoping to see and hear a little more about this new knife. Anyone have any info?
  2. Richard

    Richard BOUNCED EMAIL: I need to update my email address in my profile!

    Oct 3, 1998
    Now that would be something. C'mon, lets have some info....release date, style of knife and so on. I sure hope its more than a rumor!
  3. LizardKing


    May 7, 2001
    the word is that the small hybrid is a go
  4. shootist16

    shootist16 knife law moderator Moderator

    Dec 25, 1998
    Here is a pic of Neil's small hybrid. It rocks.

  5. Rugger


    Jan 27, 1999
    handle materials? blade steel? price? availability?
    how about the hermans?
  6. blademan 13

    blademan 13 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 25, 2000
    Dennis, would you please cut it out! How many times do you have to put that thing in my heart? ;)
  7. David Bloch

    David Bloch

    Feb 22, 1999
    Boy there’s no hiding anything from you guys.

    Yes, I confirm we will be producing a factory version of Neil’s Small Hunter Hybrid. We just announced this collaboration last week at the Blade Show where it received an excellent response.

    Since this project is in its infancy there is not a lot to discuss. Our plan is to introduce a basic model with full-visible tang, red spacer, Kraton scales, AUS-8A blade steel and leather sheath. We are also considering an upscale version with wood or micarta handles and premium blade steel like ATS-34, D2, VG-10 or Tallonite. Your comments on the upscale model and steel preference are welcome. Production knives take a minimum of 8-10 months to go from drawing board to first production run. Since this project was just born last week the knife should release in Spring-Summer of 2003.

    I would like to offer my thanks and sincere appreciation to Dennis Bible for first bringing Neil’s knives to my attention and posting about them on this forum. Without Dennis’s post, this forum and the internet, an Outdoor Edge/Blackwood collaboration may never have happened.

    I would also like to offer my thanks to Mr. Blackwood himself for creating an exceptional fixed blade design and offering Outdoor Edge the opportunity to produce a factory version.
  8. poboy


    May 31, 1999
    My comment on the upscale model. Keep the skeletonized(is that a word?) handle. Keep the red spacer. Make it with polished black Micarta or G-10. Please. I'll buy one for myself, one for my dad, one for my brother.... at least three or four.:D I think this thing would sell A LOT!
  9. blademan 13

    blademan 13 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 25, 2000
    Oh yeah! Keep the red spacer, black micarta and make it in D-2. This could be just about the hottest small factory fixed blade collaboration going. Just the thing to really put Outdoor Edge on the map. All you have to do is figure out a nice ambi Kydex sheath and keep the price around $100 :rolleyes: Then just ramp up production and watch the things sell themselves :D

    Oh yeah, put me down for at least one :cool:
  10. poboy


    May 31, 1999
    D2 would be great. I could deal with 154CM, ATS-34, or VG-10. Any of the steels mentioned would work. How about S30V?:D

    I had to edit because I went back and read the thread and my response didn't make any sense.
  11. jyen


    Sep 25, 1999

    As an owner of a Blackwood Small Hybrid I think that on your upscale model it would be nice to go with D2 or Talonite. Both being steels that Neil uses himself with some regularity. The only problem is that Talonite is expensive and unless you can make them in such a volume as to keep the price down I think that the D2 would be better in a performance/dollar value. Congratulations on your arrangement with Neil, he designs are perfect as his blades not only have great utility but look absolutely beautiful.


    P.S. The only up side to Talonite is that Neil himself seems to have a long wait for it so you might be able to get those blades out to the masses :)
  12. sniperboy


    Oct 19, 1999
    this is great news and i am glad to hear it is oofficial.. congrats Neil. Outdoor Edge got a gem collaboration here from a talented maker and certified nice guy :)

    I cast my vote for an upscale version too! I agree with Jyen oabout the talonite issue..
  13. Nosamk


    Oct 20, 2001
    Congrats Neil!!!!

    My vote is for S30V :D
  14. Blilious


    Dec 30, 1999

    Good decision - this is going to be a hit!!

    I will get one, or two or a dozen...

    You guys should have the list of Neil's waiting buyers - so you can ease their wait with this beauty...

    Congratulations Neil!

    I would love D2 - 154CM would also be ok.... and I think these are reasonable options taking into account price and cost of production...
  15. Blilious


    Dec 30, 1999

    I agree!
  16. stjames

    stjames Sebenzanista

    Oct 26, 1998
    I'll take a few as well!
  17. GigOne

    GigOne Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 27, 1999
    Please. . .please. . .please. . .

    Anything but kraton scales !

    Kraton = :barf:
  18. SDouglas


    Jan 6, 1999
    I would encourage you to consider S30 since Neil is starting to do more work with that steel.
  19. Samurai6


    Oct 16, 1998
    Congratulations on the fine judement to do a collaboration with Neil. He is one of the most under-recognized makers out there today. The small hunter is my fixed EDC, and it is an incredible knife.

    I would suggest doing the deluxe limited edition in D-2, since it is a steel that Neil has used extensively, and produced excellent performance from.
  20. Leo Daher

    Leo Daher

    Jan 19, 1999
    Yes, D-2 and Micarta would be a nice combination for the upscale version.

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