New Cards (S45VN)

Discussion in 'Chris Reeve Knives' started by Silverstonev8, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. Silverstonev8

    Silverstonev8 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 12, 2018
    Large 31 cards showing the S45VN are out.

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  2. Dogdrawz

    Dogdrawz Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 15, 2016
    Dang it, the "X's" are in the wrong spots. :cool::thumbsup:
  3. x20

    x20 Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 1, 2020
    Spot for the Insingo blades, too! Gonna grab a PJ Insingo as soon as possible.
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  4. Jsega51

    Jsega51 Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 11, 2015
    Has there been mention of when the steel change will take effect?
  5. 353


    Feb 20, 2015
    Cool that they upped the HT on the 45.

  6. Evany

    Evany Gold Member Gold Member

    May 7, 2007
    Makes for a great excuse to purchase a 31! I'm super happy with my 21 insingo, but a 31 in S45VN would be an interesting comparison.
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  7. TRfromMT

    TRfromMT Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Jan 4, 2016
    And it's going to run a couple points higher hardness.

  8. sailfish

    sailfish Basic Member Basic Member

    Jan 1, 2019
    I wonder how it will compare to 35 as far as sharpening.
  9. appliepie123


    Jul 12, 2020
    It's interesting that they kept both blade steels as an option on the card as though both steels are an available option.
  10. Ernie1980

    Ernie1980 Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 19, 2012
    I was thinking the same thing- I wonder if they just did that for the transition period or if certain knifes will keep the 35?
  11. Agent Orange Peel

    Agent Orange Peel Basic Member Basic Member

    Oct 27, 2018

    Now I have my excuse for an Inkosi.
  12. appliepie123


    Jul 12, 2020
    From my understanding, it's not like when the 31 was released, they were still filling orders for the 21 while also making the 31. For the blade steel, it's a one synchronous transition on the production line from s35 all to s45, so I don't see why they would need it for the transition period.

    It's exciting though to see s45 come out.
  13. Accelerator

    Accelerator Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 16, 2010
    Does anyone here have any experience with S45 in other formats?
  14. rileybassman1

    rileybassman1 Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 12, 2012
    I have a Alex Drom custom in S45VN that is super impressive.

    Also have a Benchmade meatcrafter in S45VN - used it to bone out a deer last night and after processing 2 quarters I couldn't even detect it had cut anything... so far pretty impressive.

    Cedric and Ada has a cool vid on S45 edge retention (also an alex dron) and it did very well.
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  15. madcap_magician

    madcap_magician Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 27, 2005
    This will finally tip me into the CRK camp, I'm excited.
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  16. DBH


    Aug 3, 2001
    Good to know! This is good news
  17. AwayFromMySpydieHole


    Jan 30, 2017

    It is seriously a very minute change from s35vn. You’re not going to notice much of a difference. Now the difference between 58hrc and 61hrc will be felt. The edge will be more stable, less prone to blunting, less prone to damage from deformation.

    The change to 61-62hrc is very welcome IMO. These knives have always been very prone to just blunting out during use thanks to the relatively low hardness. I use mine fairly hard and would always be disappointed because the edges never seem to take that classic “working edge” where the initial sharpness is gone and now you have a workable apex. It may not be sticky sharp anymore, but it readily cuts. CRKs always seem to skip this step and go from extremely sharp straight to totally blunt, reflecting light on the apex.

    Really hoping the increase in hardness changes that. I for one will be getting my hands on one of the harder blades ASAP to test out. Wish I knew about when to expect them. Very exciting for me.
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  18. red mag

    red mag

    Apr 12, 1999
    Thank You for the news!
    I like the option for another blade material ;)
  19. Alsharif

    Alsharif Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 8, 2018
    I want an Umnumzaan in S45VN! Where is this from?

    Only thing left is Damasteel to be in regular production.
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  20. MreeceC

    MreeceC Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 11, 2014
    I wanted Large 21 with Damasteel so bad.

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