OKC's SP series 1095 switch to 1075 steel...

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  1. Roguer


    Jan 5, 2015
    Sellers on line and off line rarely up date any material changes. Two places I ordered the Woodsman had 5160 in the description, but I got 420HC SS ones. I called them and they changed to the proper model number that showed 420 HC SS blades very shortly. But it was a calculated risk for me I knew when I did it. It was the seller's fault for not keeping things up dated. I kept both of them though as large SS sure helped with that big meat critter we cut up. My little sister would always steal mine for her kitchen work...now she steal's little brother's when she comes to visit.

    I kept them intending to do a hard test on one, gave the other to my brother who uses his for the HIS kitchen knife and camping/food prep knife besides other tasks. I saw the video @Revolverrodger did and it showed me that OKC knew what they were doing for its expected task. I did finally get around to old homestead testing the 420HC SS blade, long of the short it didn't break, chip or bend when I failed to baton various spring wet soft and hard woods with it. I failed at the task but the knife didn't its form or edge and stuff. So to me that proves that OKC knows what they are doing with the steels they use. My tests where steel against wood, not steel against some one's adimantiun claws.

    As I said earlier I forgot which blades I got are 1095 and 1075 now mostly. I continually swap put my RAKs, one 1095 and one 1075, with each other and still can't tell the difference. They turned out to be my go to heavy use middling blades as they got micarta handles, good choil and are saber ground and do things that makes some people wince when I use them. I think I gave my brother my 1095 SP-10 that is his all purpose woods blade he uses even more than the SP-53, I snuck the 1075 blade in his sheath and he used it...looked at it, "Oh a bit different a bit." and kept using it. (He notices SMALL things like that). Of course he wanted HIS SP-10 back after the trip as he got attached to it.

    As on the first page, the reasons were given for the switch over, and like the 420HC SS Woodsman I got, OKC does their steel right. Like heat treat, specific steel types and such (guessing here) and other things. OKC works with that they can do with their resources and makes very great affordable products. They studied the 1095 and 1075 steels and determined 1075 works best for customers and price wise and is a bit better for every one around. I trust the experted ones at OKC for doing things right. And my experience if some thing FUBARs they do make it right.

    I just hope some more saber grind knives come out of OKC a bit more often. (Sort of drops a HINT there. :D )
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  2. dirc


    Jan 31, 2018
    if the sp-a kukri really is 1075 now... it will be time to check it out, the smaller size is interesting
  3. TwinStick


    Jan 21, 2011
    Well, I for one, trust Toooj implicitly, when it comes to telling us like it is, and choosing the best steel for their use. I know him personally and know this was not done to just cut costs. It's really pretty simple, you know what they are made from, so you either choose to buy them or not to buy them. No way would he stand by and let junk be produced under his watch.

    Furthermore, ANY steel can turn into junk, if it is not heat treated properly. Ontario has that down to a science. I once out chopped a $600 custom knife with my $21 Ontario machete. Being in business in the USA today, is no easy task anymore. I say KUDO's to Ontario and it's employees for staying in business for so long, and in NYS no less. Like he said, basically a win/win. Less, dissatisfied customers returning chipped or broken blades & makes better use of their money. It's all a balancing act. Just be happy we aren't all saying, "It's too bad that they aren't in business anymore !"

    I haven't been on here in a while, cause life happens. I do hope, for the nay-sayers and collectors, that Ontario does make some choppers available in 5160. I am a huge fan of those choppers. Seriously, I sharpened them once when new and have not had to sharpen them since. Ontario Knife Company is a great American Company. I am sure if Toooj has anything to say about it, it will continue to provide hard use knives at affordable prices. That's all I have to say about that !

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