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  1. I got to visit with Eugene at Blade, he had so many new models, really cool one off stuff.

    This is a model I hadn't see before - Slightly more than 3/16" thick with a cool Acid Etch.




    Eugene, if you have any pics of some of those other knives, post em up! :thumbup:

    I will share a few more when I can, some of these I got are just great. You guys are doing a super job.
  2. OlamicCutlery


    Sep 6, 2011
    Thanks, Vince. Great photos and description as always. A little bit more about this one.

    The knife is designed for KOI Combat Fighting, a full contact modern karate-style involving a bladed weapon. The designer of this knife happens to be the Russian Champion for this fighting style. We thought why not dress it up as well? This particular model is the Medium size and will also be available in a neck knife size and a larger (5.5") blade size. The steel is 440C that we heat treated in-house to 58 HRC.
  3. Cool, thanks for the extra info.

    I really like how you put the Logo in there so discreetly, classy.
  4. dannbarbery


    Mar 6, 2014
    What i like most of them all is the Olamic Cutlery Persian Fighter because the grinds on the Persian are excellent and it feels great in the hand. I bought it with Comes with leather sheath, weighs in at 8 3/8 OZ with sheath on a store online.

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