Osprey K/T Work in Progress/Preview (The Journey up to Blade Show 2017)

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  1. Osprey Knife & Tool

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    Jun 4, 2014
    Almost immediately after my last sale late last month I started planning on my next batch as well as my blade show batch all into one huge epic batch of knives.
    I have been ordering and collecting supplies over the last few months and getting really into the heavy planning for Blade Show 2017
    I don't remember exactly how many bars of steel I profiled but it was a lot!!

    I started this large batch about 8 or 9 days ago, I scribed and profiled roughly 86 blades over two days, scribing pin layouts along with drilling holes for 81 another 2 days, I managed to put the primary grinds and taper 72 over the next 4 days. Pheww!! that was a lot of work over a short period of time.

    At the start of the process to this point it is beneficial to make them in large amounts, it helps save on time and allows me to conserve belts, drill bits and time.
    I really do not prefer to make this many knives at once because it is a daunting task and is rough on the ole back and neck. I am happy I did, I kinda set a record for myself. but the satisfaction for me was knowing that I could if I had to and do a good job at it at that. I wouldn't want to do it everyday that is for sure!!

    That being said given Blade Show around the corner it was necessary to keep knives flowing on the Forums as well as fill my table for Blade Show.
    From this point on I will break it down into several smaller batches for Heat Treatment and glue up, and then on into smaller sub batches within one large batch of knives.

    My plan is to finish up a handful of these over the next few weeks to post for sale on the Forums while simultaneously moving the larger batch forward in increments.

    At this point I think I counted I have roughly 110 Blades in progress from freshly profiled to ready for texturing.

    Here are some pictures to add to the storyline.

    The weather today, torrential down pours with heavy winds and slight possibility of tornadoes

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    Some of you may remember from my previous work in progress thread pictures of my stencils laid out, this is where is begins. Not every model pictured hear will end up on the table.

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    I didn't really stop long enough over the last few days to stop and take pictures of every step, I had my head down working most of the time.
    Here is 72 with the primary grinds complete. In the next few photographs I have them set up in trays for tapering.

    (Post grinding pre taper pile)

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    (Getting ready to hollow and taper the tangs)

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    Here is where I left off Saturday evening 72 blades with the primary bevels ground and the tangs tapered.

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki


    The other ones I profiled but didn't drill or grind these I wanted to do separate, For one they are all carbon steels, two I wasn't sure what my pin layout was going to be. A hand full of these are one off designs.

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    Next up are some pictures of the handle material I have ordered and stashed away for Blade Show. I still have a bit more to order but this is the bulk of it!

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    The next series of profile are low on the priority list and may or may not be completed by Blade Show...

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    Thanks for looking everyone!
    Questions and comments welcome!

    I plan on adding and leaving this thread open until Blade Show!
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  2. heat_treat

    heat_treat Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 25, 2015
    Holy @$^#!!

    Yes, daunting is a good word for it. Can't wait to watch these progress over the next several weeks.

  3. Odaon

    Odaon Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 13, 2009
    Wow! That looks like a ton of work! Awesome job Chris. :thumbup: Really looking forward to seeing your progression through all of those knives.

    I really wish Blade was in the books for me this year, but at least I'll be at the Hiawassee gathering! I'm going to need to make it to Blade one of these years...
  4. FeralGentleman

    FeralGentleman RansomWildernessCo

    Nov 13, 2013
    My eyes just kept getting wider and wider with each pic. I am loving the material stash. It is going to be exciting to see what show stopping handles get put on the Bladeshow knives and to see the special projects finished up.

    Blink a few times and June will be here...
  5. madcap_magician

    madcap_magician Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 27, 2005
    Amazing! Can't wait to see what shows up!
  6. varga49

    varga49 Gold Member Gold Member

    May 1, 2016
    Chris, I'm pretty much speechless, The amount of your work is almost beyond my comprehension. The scales/handles material! WOW! looking forward to see what comes of this.
  7. Panthera tigris

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    Apr 21, 2012
    Yep. I respect that work ethic, man. Make sure to breathe!
  8. prom52

    prom52 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 13, 2014

    I'm literally speechless right now. I had a sense you were hard at it. These photos take it to a whole new level of achievement. Some of the tapered tangs look whisper thin.

    Your dedication to your craft is inspiring......can't wait to see it all unveiled at Blade Show !

  9. M4Super90

    M4Super90 Biochemical Superfreak

    Aug 26, 2008
    Wow Chris! Looks like you are planning to put BLADE on by yourself!!! Its so exciting to see your production line. There's a few in there I'm really anticipating watching go through the build process.
  10. mjbine

    mjbine Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 12, 2011
    Holy Sheep Sh!t Batman! Wow incredible work

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  11. Comprehensivist

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    Aug 23, 2008
    You should have been a fighter pilot Chris. Mission plan is clear. Target identified. Coming in fast and low with a full load of the highest quality armament. Boom! Boom!! Shock & Awe for the Blade Show!!!

    As others have stated above your work ethic and drive is nothing short of phenomenal. That is a most impressive volume of work for a couple of weeks.

    I look forward to seeing these come to life before our eyes.

  12. D.H.


    Jul 8, 2009
  13. romarin


    Feb 18, 2017
    Well take the ribbon from my hair.
  14. adequacy


    Mar 19, 2014
    Chris- Thanks so much for this incredible update. It looks like you have so many great things going on. I anxiously await seeing all the combos and pieces you come up with.

    Question regarding blade- was wondering if you will be doing any sales from blade for those of us who cannot attend in person. For example, showcasing something on the table live at blade that's simultaneously listed on instagram!? I think that'd be a lot of fun and give someone like me a small taste of involvement even at a distance.

    Nonetheless, looks like you have been hard at work and I love seeing these threads. Great job, I'll be supporting you every update!
  15. Osprey Knife & Tool

    Osprey Knife & Tool Moderator Moderator

    Jun 4, 2014
    Thanks, I will be posting pictures of the progression as time permits. If you ever get a chance to make it to Blade Show, I promise you won't regret it!

    Stay tuned I hope to keep you guys posted with plenty of pictures!

    Thanks Danny! I have been holding on to some of this wood for a better part of a year. I started stashing material away and ordering a month or so ago. It will be fun to watch it all come together.


    It was a long push, I just dug deep and drank a lot of coffee, took it slow for a day or two now I am back at it again. I don't have much time for relaxing, Blade Show is around the corner.

    Thanks man! I took a quick breather! :thumbup:

    Thank you Peter! Some of them are pretty thin, I think I got one 3V EDU tang down do One thousandths of an inch. I have to admit it wasn't intentional but cool nonetheless. Hopefully it doesn't pose any issue during the heat treat.

    See you at Blade Show!!

    Thanks Phillip! Just trying to fill my table up and bring a good representation of my craft. It's a great time for us makers to show off what we are capable of.
    I hope you can make it one year!

    Thanks Michael

    Thank you Phil! I felt pretty accomplished by that workload. I can thank the military impart for my work ethic the other bigger portion to my parents and my drive from within. I wouldn't want to do it all the time but I was glad to know I could, now I get into a lot of the hand work to get these blades ready for heat treatment

    I look forward to bringing you guys along the journey!


    I have to admit I was a little confused by this comment. :D

    Thank you for the compliment Ryan!

    I would like to offer some up that weekend for some of you who can't make it. I will try and hit Instagram and Bladeforums both.
    I plan on posting some up for sale possibly Saturday afternoon into Sunday after the rush if the crowd dies down. If I am able too I will try and post one or two earlier in the weekend. No Guarantees. I will no more as I get closer and formulate my game plan. I will keep you guys posted with my intentions.
  16. MajorD


    Mar 18, 2007
    Phenomenal batch Chris! I don't typically subscribe to threads but this one is definitely worthy. This is going to be a spectacular thread and I look forward to watching the progression.
  17. Osprey Knife & Tool

    Osprey Knife & Tool Moderator Moderator

    Jun 4, 2014
    Thanks Dave! I plan on adding some updates with pictures tomorrow, just got done heat treating a batch, on to the next!
  18. cbach8tw

    cbach8tw Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 9, 2006
    Impressive, glad you got that started to help get ready for the show as well. Nice work. I look forward to seeing some of these here too. 👍
  19. Osprey Knife & Tool

    Osprey Knife & Tool Moderator Moderator

    Jun 4, 2014
    I hope everyone had a great Spring Break!

    I will be making myself available early in the week this week to reply to emails and respond to posts.

    I was busy at the shop and got alot done, still alot left to do!

    Here is what has transpired over the last week.

    Spring is in the air!

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    A couple of days worth of sanding the flats and hammer texturing, followed by heat treatment. I did a few batches of knives back to back like this over the last couple of days

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    Pre-Heat Treat.

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    Turco applied to the blades prior to heat treatment.

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    Loading up the oven.

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    Post Heat Treat.

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    Post heat treat, pre glue-up grinds.

    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki
    [​IMG]Hosted on Fotki

    Some videos I took during the process.




    Questions and comment welcome!
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  20. Comprehensivist

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    Aug 23, 2008
    Wow Chris! You certainly make full use of your time on this planet. I continue to be impressed with how much quality work you knock out in a relatively short time.

    It is cool to see some of your kitchen / steak knife variations advancing through the process. You have so much going on right now that it takes several viewings of this thread just to keep up.

    Awesome stuff my friend. Please keep doing what you're doing. It is fun to watch.


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