Personalised Khukuri

Discussion in 'HI Cantina' started by titus010782, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Feb 6, 2009
    Does anyone here personalise their choppers?
    As in engraving, handle carving, etching...?

    A plain model would be the perfect canvas for enthusiasts.
    I believe that any daily familiar object can be beautified and made into a personal work of art.
    Already the Kamis make some lovely carved handles and scabbards etc.
    Most collectors take an interest in this kind of thing, so I would like to start a thread for members who customise their Khukuri and ask them to post pictures on this forum thread!:cool:
    I think this would draw alot of interest to a wider audience.

    "In the future I see there will come a day when the Kukri will usurp all other outdoors type cutting and chopping implements" - Titus

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