Pocket Skinners (Sick Nasty), Currently Available

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    The Sick Nasty: takes its inspiration from the spey blade pattern of traditional folders, modified to have more edge in order to function as a perfect modern everyday fixed blade carry option. The curve near the heel of the blade gives it that great slicing action in both forward and backward movements.

    As a knife designer, I’ve tried to pack as much belly into The Sick Nasty as I could. As a result of working with JK Knives, like a traditional spey blade pattern, it is an exceptional slicer with a strong tip that is useful but not so fine and stabby that it easily penetrates things you don't want to pierce. The Sick Nasty's palm filling handle is made from roughed micarta that provides an optimal amount of purchase and grip.

    It's an optimal small game cleaning knife, but much more substantial in the hand as compared to a caping blade and certainly isn't limited to that task alone. It really surprises on the kitchen cutting board, despite its short blade length and will serve well as a compact camp kitchen knife for the weight-conscious outdoorsman.

    Designed by me and made by JK Handmade Knives.

    The price is $110 shipped for the knife and another $15 for a leather pocket sheath. There are 3 knives and 2 pocket sheaths currently available.

    Here are the Specs

    Blade: 3/32" thick O1 tool steel
    Blade Length: 2 5/8" blade length
    Handle Length: 4" handle length
    Handle materials: Black micarta with aluminum pins, hollow pin at the rear
    Weight without sheath: 2.6 oz

    These are individually handmade so slight variations between knives can be present. Different handle options are available by special order for $15 extra for most handle materials.


    Customer picture with the trial knife
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