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  1. Vet95LT1

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    Jan 31, 2001
    just got my REKAT SIFU forum special edition w/black blade, # 24/75 - well when i got it it wasnt THAT sharp, but a little work w/my old DMT and steel fixed that in less than 5 - dont really understand how the rolling lock works, but certainly seems sturdy enough IMHO - believe me it is a large, heavy knife - makes my BM AFCK, and actually my CS Gunsite 11 look anemic - and really makes the CS look CHEAP - the CS isnt much smaller, but it sure FEELS that way - have been carrying it biking, driving a car, etc w/no probs - i am used to carrying the gunsite though so that hekps - have been carrying in my right front jeans pocket, or stuck IWB in my biking shorts on the right side w/no problems - IMHO if ya live in an area were they are legal, and have been worrying about carrying 1, DONT - not that big of a deal - also carry my matriarch in a belt sheath on the right side - as far as flicking the SIFU open i find i have to push the button forward, and release it quickly, or it has a tendency to bounce back on me - not cool - is this typical, or will it loosen up some w/use?

    to close i really like this knife - am impressed w/the fitting, etc - had read that REKAT had some QC probs, either i got lucky or they are solved as #24 looks very good, certainly comparable to, and in some things superior to my other knives which include MOD, Cold Steel, Emerson, Spyderco, Benchmade, etc - if ya live in an area were ya can utilise this knife, or if ya just need a 'magnum' folder, give this 1 a look - my only caveat is that i really like the smooth handles vs the grooved ones, i really wanted carbon fibre handles, but cant have both - and there are, for now anyway, only a finite # of smooth handled ones available so if ya want 1 ya better jump on it - go to, $149 for the stone wash blade, $159.00 for the black - i wanted to buy the biggest legal folder, in my state (tx) and i got it - cons? maybe could use a thong hole, instructions would be nice (or some kind of paperwork) make a smooth handled version std and lighten it up, and sell w/a belt sheath - just my .05 worth - 1 helluva knife ....

  2. Full Tang Clan

    Full Tang Clan

    Jul 22, 2000
    Your sentiments echo my review exactly. I know there are other "megafolders" out there like the CS large Voyager, but even the look of the REKAT Sifu stands out above the rest.

    As far as design goes: D-2 + G-10 + rolling lock = formidable knife.

    Ditto on my opinion on the fit. I've read about REKAT QC problems too, but I just don't see or feel it! Sure, it's no "art knife" but it's solid. Boy, is it solid!
  3. glockman99

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    Jun 12, 2000

    When you get tired of the SIFU, I have a Cold Steel Vaquero Grande that is even BIGGER than the SIFU. (...Ya know...The "thing" that Texans have about "bigger"), that I'd be willing to trade with you. [​IMG].

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  4. toothed


    Nov 7, 2000
    I have both the SE Sifu and an XL Gunsite. I wouldn't write off the Gunsite yet. If a situation arised where I needed a large, lightweight folder, the Gunsite would be my choice (e.g., bicycling, jogging, etc.).
    Although the Gunsite is lightweight, I have confidence that it is tough enough to do whatever job I put it through. Don't get me wrong, I love the Sifu but it can be too heavy to carry at times. I guess that's why we own so many knives.
  5. Vet95LT1

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    Jan 31, 2001
    hey toothe know whta ya mean - i wont be getting rid of my CS anytime soon - my wife thinks i'm nuts carrying 2 or 3 knives at a time though lol.............

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