RIP Charlie Mike

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  1. G. Scott H.

    G. Scott H.

    Jan 9, 2006
    I had a dream about Matt last night. I was heading west on a motorcycle down a road through the desert somewhere north of Phoenix and a torrential rain started pouring down, so I started looking for a place to pull in until things cleared, and I was also worried about getting caught in a flash flood. I suddenly saw a lone house at the top of a rise on the north side of the road, so I pulled into the driveway and knocked. Charlie Mike answered the door. He had his trademark vest on, an energy drink in his hand, and he was sporting a mohawk.:D He somehow recognized me so he invited me in to ride out the storm, and we sat on the couch and started playing video games, then I woke up. It occurred to me during the dream that he was supposed to be dead, but I didn't have the heart to tell him.:( Matt, thanks for taking me in out of the storm and hanging out with me for a while, even though it was all a dream. It was good to see you. :thumbsup:
  2. Mitchell Knives

    Mitchell Knives Knifemaker Moderator

    May 21, 2000
    Does anyone know the specifics of what happened?

    I've heard that some sort of fall was involved, but nothing more.
  3. G. Scott H.

    G. Scott H.

    Jan 9, 2006
    Nothing beyond what has been said so far. One of my sister's best friends passed several years ago (oddly enough at almost the same age as Matt at 36) under similar circumstances, and we never did find out any specific cause, only that she had fallen and suffered a fatal head injury as a result. She apparently fell in the bathroom and hit her head on something, likely the bathtub (older house with cast iron tub). Whether she just tripped or lost consciousness and fell for some reason, we never learned.
  4. SW-EDC

    SW-EDC Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 4, 2015
    I've hit my head very hard a couple times, including a car steel bumper that hit me at 35mph when I was 6 on a bigwheel (remember those!)
    It must have hit his head in a specific place to cause a fatal injury.
    Miss the guy :-(
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  5. G. Scott H.

    G. Scott H.

    Jan 9, 2006
    Big Wheels were the shiz when I was a little kid in the '70s.:D:thumbsup: As far as head injuries go, you just never know. You see people who take insane blows to the head and survive, sometimes even without any apparent lasting neurological effects, while other people hit their heads less severely but at just the right angle and/or just the right spot and that's it for them.
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  6. bearcut


    Sep 3, 2006
    Who posting conjecture?
    I am asking a question.

    Thanks for the answer.
    I figured it was something like that.
    Now I know.
  7. W. Anderson

    W. Anderson Basic Member Basic Member

    Jun 22, 2016
  8. Bill1170


    Dec 20, 2007
    I’ve been away, just seeing this now. So sad to lose Matt, but pleased he kept his sobriety, a major victory in his life, for five whole years. He was able to move on from a rough past to become a creative force in the field he loved, another life win. Godspeed to his soul.
  9. ROCK6


    Feb 8, 2004
    I'm late with my condolences as I've been a little busy here in Afghanistan. Truly shocked to find out of Matt's passing. A forum friend, fellow Vet, and likely the model forum member. This really sucks and he's a big loss to our community and all those who have dealt with him. I guess it's fitting that General Order #1 applies; no alcohol for a final salute. I'm sure Charlie Mike will understand my humor. RIP Brother...

  10. Yonose


    Jul 10, 2017
    I’ll never be able to thank him for his kind words of support. Could be why a CM type character keeps showing up in my dreams.
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  11. BP_

    BP_ Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 26, 2015
    Never forgotten. He touched more lives than he’d have ever known. Hope you’re resting easy, forum brother. :thumbsup:

  12. zhyla


    Sep 11, 2011
    Wow, I was just barely aware of CM from his postings here and I think an article I read about him. Seemed like a cool but troubled guy, so I was straight up expecting a suicide when I clicked this thread. I guess being an accident doesn't make it any better but I guess I liked that he overcame whatever inner demons he had and it makes me a little bit proud of him that he didn't go out that way. I rewrote that sentence a few times, I hope nobody takes offense at it, I don't want to come off as putting down people who struggle with suicide.
  13. bigmark408

    bigmark408 Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    It doesn’t matter what caused Matt’s passing !! Be respectfull to his close friends and his mother because speculation is bothersome.

    Remember Matt for what he was ! A solid individual who would give you the shirt off his back ! He was a friend since 2006 and I supported him through good and bad, we didn’t always agree on things he did but I always respected his passion and honesty.

    It’s good to see how the knife community has come together in support.

    I remember when he posted the naked pic of his wife when they were on one and people were blowing up his messages, I said how do you put up with that shit, he laughed and said “that shit runs off me like water off a duck”.

    He followed my son on IG to the end.

    R.I.P. Old buddy

    Just because someone is different doesn’t mean they don’t practice honor and integrity.
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  14. VernonRemington

    VernonRemington Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 6, 2016
    I last communicated with Matt a day or two before his passing. I asked for his advice about a Benchmade Emerson I was thinking about buying on eBay. This was one of Matt’s favorites early in his knife life. I got a beat up version for cheap, I sent off to Josh at Razor Edge for a pimp job.

    I was shocked to hear my name called in the Emerson custom lottery last week while I watched on Instagram. I had to go back and make sure I wasn’t hearing things.

    I got my custom Tiger in from UPS a few days ago. I’d like to think it was Matt putting that ticket number in Ernie’s hand and making sure a custom Emerson got in the hands of a CM army member.
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    POCEH KOCEB Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 21, 2013
    Non-related to the thread but: I'd love to see what Josh did with the knife, he's work is outstanding and this is one of my favorite Emersons...
  16. VernonRemington

    VernonRemington Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 6, 2016
    He hasn’t worked on it yet, but if you have Instagram or check his YouTube channel, there’s one with carbon fiber and DLC coating that I told him I wanted mine to look like.
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  17. Mehmood


    Feb 11, 2019
  18. jbmonkey

    jbmonkey Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jun 9, 2011
    nicely done there, Sir.

    he'll touch more lives as his knives out there and posts here and other forums and videos, I hope...will go inspire more.
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  19. SeppukuSamurai


    Aug 19, 2014

    Was just talking with you about one of those 4V custom fighters. Highly disappointed I'll never have the honor of owning one of your knives. You could've at least waited another week or two. We'll have to make this right in the next life, my friend.

    Rest easy brother.
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  20. Calm Down

    Calm Down

    May 15, 2011
    Been away for awhile and just saw this news, absolutely tragic. Never met him in person but had several interactions online. I echo many sentiments already posted; despite the admiited faults, Matt was an honest and solid dude. His attitude and openness with a difficult past was appreciated on many levels. Candidly, we didn't see everything eye to eye but there was a mutual respect and I will truly miss his passion, humor, realness, and knowledge for all things blade related. I genuinely wished to see him exceed at his knife making and his contribution to this community. My thoughts and prayers go out to his close friends and family. You are gone too soon my brother, rest in peace CMFTW.

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